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The Best Way to Choose an Online Course


In the past, in order to learn, it was essential to go to a place where a teacher would teach you. However, today it is possible to study everything without leaving your home. In fact, the current problem is knowing how to choose a good online course. In this article, we will see what an "online animation course in bangalore" is, how it works, the different types of courses, their advantages, and above all, how to choose the best online animation course with a very interesting 4-step method. What is an online course? Put very simply, an online course is [...]

The Best Way to Choose an Online Course2022-03-21T12:53:29+00:00

Future of Online Education: Challenges for 2021


According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), more than 1,200 million students of all school grades have stopped having face-to-face classes worldwide, causing public institutions and private schools to adapt their study plans to be taught remotely. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it was estimated that the online education market would reach 350 billion dollars by 2025. This projection was exceeded by our current circumstances, proving that this modality has come to stay. The latest official figures indicate that 95% of Internet users in our country use their cell phones and 84% connect with the purpose of [...]

Future of Online Education: Challenges for 20212021-06-24T10:45:56+00:00

The Chronological History of Interior Design


interior design degree course in Bangalore Animaster College of Animation and Design has breathed life into students' imagination, by inspiring, educating, motivating, and encouraging them with knowledge regarding the field they choose to study. Animaster also offers a Interior design degree in bangalore for students who want to have a fruitful career in interior design. Here we talk about the chronological history of interior design and it is part 1 of the same blog. Understanding a subject is very important in a student's life because the more knowledge you earn, the more you know, which will help you [...]

The Chronological History of Interior Design2022-03-21T12:59:53+00:00

6 things you didn’t know about a Career in Graphic Design


There is always the typical friend who everyone asks for help with a logo, the print for the team's shirts, the sign or the cardboard of the school project, the design of a stamp, or the cover for the love letter. If you are that friend, because 'Everything looks good on you', then a career in graphic design may be for you. Would you like to study for a Graphic Designing degree in bangalore ? To help you decide if this is the best option for you, read the fun facts we have prepared for you. The heart of the [...]

6 things you didn’t know about a Career in Graphic Design2022-03-21T13:05:00+00:00

The origins and history of interior design


The origins and history of interior design With the field of interior design now more than a hundred years old, we are now taking a look at the roots of design history and the seven designers who made a name for themselves when the industry began to advance in the early 20th century. Animaster College of Animation and Design has always come up with informative blogs that can help a student learn more about their field of education as we know design education is vast and it is a never-ending process. Here's everything you need to know, from the ancient [...]

The origins and history of interior design2021-01-22T06:36:15+00:00
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