Are you a passionate video game player? Do you like stories and character creation? If you answered yes, then we believe that the BVA in Animation and Game Art by Animaster is a great option for you.

In this post, we are going to tell you what this career is about. In addition, we are going to tell you what a video game designer does, and the salary you can earn. Also, you will find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying this degree.

So, stay with us and keep reading. Let us help you make one of the most important decisions of your life as Animaster being one of the best design schools in Bangalore, holds the responsibility of guiding aspirants to their goal.

What is a career in Game Development?

Overall, the development of video games is the process by which the content, background, and rules of a game and any interactive set for recreation is designed. There are professional game designers. They specialize in certain types of games. For example, board games or video games.

Video Game development not only helps to facilitate the interaction between the player and the console, or between players, it can also be very helpful for medical, military purposes, or for the development of educational programs.

Game Development is very similar to traditional software programming. However, this is a much more complex process. Well, it involves a large number of stages of development, and this requires a lot of creativity. Animaster College of Animation and Design is one of the best colleges for game development.

To develop a video game you need a multidisciplinary group that is going to take charge of very different stages:

  • The conception of the idea.
  • The artistic design.
  • Sound effects and music.
  • The creation of the world where the narrative and the history of the characters take place.

The interface of the player or players.

What does a graduate in Video Game Development do?

The Video Game Developer is able to work and participate in each of these stages of the development of a video game, such as:

  • Game designer. It is the one in charge of creating the general concept of the game. He also oversees the entire project.
  • Level designer. It is the one that is dedicated to creating the levels and different locations in a game. That is to say, how is the world going to be where the history of the video game develops.
  • Art director. Decide everything that relates to the style of a game. He is the leader of all other art and concept designers. For example, those who are in charge of the characters, the color, the storyboard, and the scenes.
  • Character designer. They are in charge of designing all the characters and their narratives. They work and create many templates and options so that other artists can work properly. In the end, they model the final characters that appear in the game. From the protagonists to those who work as extras.
  • QA Tester. He is dedicated to testing games for errors. Also, you check that everything works as it is supposed to.

More specifically, a video game designer can:

  • Design and manage software production. This is how it is capable of creating interactive entertainment content.
  • Know the theoretical foundations of artificial intelligence and develop codes for its programming. Programming is a very important part of the development of any video game. Animaster design school has come up with one of the best game development courses.
  • Edit interactive entertainment in specialized software.
  • Develop codes in the programming platforms of different operating systems. For example in Microsoft Visual Studio and Oracle JAVA. Both are the most used as standards in the video game industry.
  • Know the history, development, and potential of computer graphics. As well as the history of the scientific and mathematical processes for vector acceleration, which are the tools with which virtual animation is made
  • Create and publish intellectual property, such as cell phone or tablet operating systems, consoles, or computers.

Consider studying Game Development if:

  • You consider yourself a creative person. In this career, you will learn to exploit your creative ability and sensitivity to the visual arts. In addition, to create characters and stories.
  • You know or would like to learn programming and digital animation. Video games are platforms that require a visual appeal.
  • You know about the software. In this career, it is very necessary to have basic knowledge about specialized software in programming and digital animation.
  • You want to create apps. There is a very large field in the world of applications for mobile devices. They can be for entertainment purposes, such as games. Or with learning objectives or geolocation.

Where does a video game development graduate work?

As a video game developer, you can work in digital programming and development companies. You can work as:

  • Video Game developer for different platforms. Either for consoles or computer or cell games.
  • Technical manager of digital content for video games.
  • Technical artists specialized in video games. Using a special design and animation software.
  • National and foreign companies dedicated to the creation of video games and / or applications for cell phones or tablets.
  • Advertising agencies that perform interactive entertainment.
  • Animation companies that develop intellectual property in 2.5D, 3D, and VFX visual effects. Both for the advertising industry, as for the cinema or television.
  • Developers of web applications and software for all types of cell phones and operating systems.

The good of studying Video Game Design

  • It is a fast-growing industry. Despite the fact that India is a country where many video games are bought, this industry is also growing for those who are dedicated to the development of games and applications.
  • Possibility of studying and/or working abroad. As you surely know, the United States is the main country of video game development. You can consider studying BVA in Animation and Game Art from Animaster College, in this way it will be easier to find work in one of the most famous studios.
  • It is a growing industry. So finding a job won’t be that difficult. Whether as a developer, programmer, or tester.

How much does a Game Developer earn?

  • The monthly salary as a developer varies depending on where you work and what you do. The average salary for a Video Game Developer in India is ₹486,961. An entry-level Video Game Developer with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₹300,000. An early career Video Game Developer with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹486,961. A mid-career Video Game Developer with 5-9 years of experience earns an average total compensation of ₹859,884. In addition, also a factor to consider is the experience you have.

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