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Come to Best animaton college and Design and find a campus that celebrates the life and distinctive voices. Build friendships with fellow students that will last for a lifetime and also share your interests, passions, and perspectives.

Animaster College is situated in the hub of education, Bangalore with a breathtaking campus space to create a better student experience. Our campus places students at the center of one of the most colorful and diverse communities, immersing them in the opportunities and conversations that are shaping the future. Rather than considering Animaster to be merely the home of our college, we employ it as an extension of our thoughts and as an integral part of an educational experience that gives students access to the thinkers and doers who make the city a global cultural leader. Animaster came into form with a believe that every artist needs little guidance to excel in their field of art and we will provide every creative students with that exposure of education with us.

Since 2003, our campus has been home to comprehensive masterminds and ground-breaking artists. We have been serving for education over two decades with newfangled facilities. Our co-curricular programs aim to teach students to reflect on their experiences, make connections, and apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios. The college organizes industrial visits that allow the students to see how things take place. Apart from all these, there are counseling cells for anti-sexual harassment, grievance cells, SC/ST book bank, digital library and so on which is wholly dedicated to the welfare of the students. There are NSS camps that organize various programs such as cancer awareness, cleaning drive, etc which create involvement of the students in serving mankind and nature.

The mission of the campus life is to actively engage our students in their academic, personal and professional development by their involvement in curricular and extracurricular activities.

The vision is to serve the students as leaders in the field of education and career development by providing them opportunities where they grow and explore their talents.

Live your best student life!

There’s more to Animaster campus life than what happens inside the classroom. Make the most of your opportunity to get involved in campus culture, connect and find support to help you succeed.

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