The Definitive Guide of Interior Design Style- Part II

In our previous blog, we wrote about 9 different styles of interior design. In that, we have explained the Kitsch, Nordic, Modern, Contemporary, Industrial, Eclectic, Art Deco, Minimalist, and Romantic styles of interior design. If you haven’t read the blog, I will suggest you click here and give a read. Animaster have always tried to provide quality content that can help an aspiring applicant choose their field of creativity. That is one of the reasons why we are counted as one of the best interior design colleges in Bangalore.  In this blog, we will talk about the rest of the 9 beautiful styles of interior design. So without further ado, let’s get started.

9 styles of Interior Design

10. Retro Style in Interior Design

The rustic style emphasizes the design of natural beauty. It encompasses textures inspired by nature, simple and earthy colors and, ultimately, an unpretentious organic heat. Rustic-style interiors have a sense of connection with the past that is hard to resist. Rustic style lovers want to take nature inside. If you have an old house, it is important to keep the original architectural character and details. The color tones are

The natural look of a rustic home extends through upholstery, bedding, and carpets. Plain fabrics without print are a common option. So, if you love the rustic style, keep your furniture neutral and with natural finishes, linen pillows, jute, sisal, and leathers will be your strength to obtain a natural appeal.

12. Shabby Chic Style Interior Design

Possibly one of the most popular trends of all time, the shabby chic style in interior design still remains strong almost 20 years after the term was first coined. An eclectic style that combines antique furniture with pastel colors, lace and feminine flowers, the shabby chic style is also often known as country chic or vintage chic.

If you like this soft and dreamy style, you’re in luck, because the elegant design and vintage decoration of the house are easy and economical to achieve. In its most basic form, the shabby chic style can be achieved with recycled or antique furniture, which means that you can find old pieces at a good price or buy modern furniture at a lower cost and give a makeover in the same style.

13. Vintage style in interior design

The vintage style is complicated. On the one hand, it is easy to see why some would like to recreate the sense of elegance that is synonymous with the houses of the past. On the other hand, it is very easy for a design to come out as if it belonged to the grandmother’s house. Antiques are the backbone of any vintage-style interior.  Regardless of which era is your favorite, these are the key pieces that help consolidate the vintage feel in your design.

Although the antiques are wonderful, it is not realistic to assume that you will build your entire space with them. Also, in all honesty, doing so can make space look like a relic instead of a nod to the styles of yesteryear. The best interior designs with vintage style are those inspired by tradition, you will get it by completing the space with modern pieces, details, and accessories inspired by the time.

14. Oriental Style in interior design

The oriental-inspired decoration is leaking in contemporary spaces everywhere. There is something about its serenity, its relaxing forms and its balance that resonates beautifully with the aerodynamic feel of a modern home. Oriental-style interiors instantly evoke an image of serenity and tranquility. With most of us absorbed in an accelerated urban lifestyle, it helps tremendously to return home and allow us to disconnect from this endless career.

Oriental style interiors achieve this goal with an inimitable style by introducing harmony and balance. One word sums it up: Zen. This can be achieved in the interior design of your home by incorporating natural materials, a neutral and relaxing color palette, and furniture with clean and simple lines.

The Japanese style revolves around a clean and orderly life, maintaining balance, order, ancient customs and love for natural beauty. The style in Japanese interior design has that touch of calm and harmonious decoration. Circular motifs are important in oriental style decoration, which represents the sun.

15. Classic Style in interior design

The classic style is a refined style, rich in details that are found both in the structure of furniture, lighting, etc. It is not true that the classic style is the style of our aunts and grandmothers.  The classic style continues to evolve, being popular and always will be.

This style is rooted in warm and well-established rituals, creating family and friendship ties. The classic style can be adapted to people of all ages. If you decide on the classic style for the interior design of your home, we can assume with confidence that you will feel good now and in a few years and your guests, too. Because the classic style lives its own unwavering life, despite short-term trends.

16. Ethnic Style in interior design

Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Moroccan, African and others are ethnic styles. The conception of “ethnic identity” can often be associated with exotic. Many people mistakenly believe that only African statues or Japanese folding screens can be used to achieve ethnic style.

Therefore, for example, the Mediterranean style with its rich colors, a large number of ceramics, bright golden accessories and fabrics can be called ethnic styles, such as Japanese minimalism or Scandinavian naturalness, German pragmatism or the “fairy tale” Indian. All ethnic attributes give a brightly expressed national character to the entire interior and “guide” us to ancient folk traditions.

17. Boho Style in interior design

Calling all the hippies! You love to mix different textiles or buy old furniture, bohemian, artistic and unconventional lifestyle becomes the business card of your home. The bohemian style or “boho” is for those who want their homes to be full of life, culture, and articles from all parts of the world. This style is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional life, it is one of the most special interior design styles.

While there are no rules when it comes to bohemian decoration, warm earth colors are common, as are metallic and jewel tones. Strong brown, green and gray for base colors, then the accessories with electric blue, fire orange, satin purple, are ideal to get the Boho style. Feel free to mix textures, patterns and don’t be afraid to use styles that would not fit in a traditional way.

18. Mid century style in interior design

The enduring popularity of the Mid Century style is based on many factors. It gave us clean lines, organic curves, and love for materials. While there is some disagreement about when the period began, it lasted approximately from the mid-thirties to the mid-sixties.

The distinctive features of this Mid Century style consist of a classic and discreet look, clean lines, functionality is paramount, an exploration of different traditional and non-traditional materials.

I hope this interior design style guide has helped you discover your favorite style, if you feel identified with more than one deco style, I encourage you to try mixing up two styles and create something new. Interior design is a wide field and like any other designing field it has many opportunities. A career in interior design is a good option for someone who likes to experiment with colors and styles. Apart from degree courses in interior design, there are many short-term and online courses on can enroll too. We will come up with more blogs that will help you understand design.

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