What are Color Models and their Types

The Color models

The color models help in the conceptualization, viewing, discussing the color in design, art and in other applications. Basically, the color models help in identifying the exact colors we want for our use.

Types of Color Models

To deeply identify the color models, the color models have been divided into two and both find their applications for different uses and wants. Let’s discuss the color models in depth and find out where they are used:

RGB: The model of additive color mixing

Through the additive color mixing model, this provides you with a model of color that can be created by mixing the three major colors: Red, Green and blue, hence RGB through the different intensities using light.

CMYK : The color model of subtraction

Any color we see on the printable materials like the newspapers, magazines, packagings, etc, use the subtractive model of color mixing. This model is commonly called CMYK. This is the color model we were taught from Kindergarten and in early classes.