9 steps to be a good interior designer


9 steps to be a good interior designer Do you always get compliments for your taste in interior design? Do you think this is one career that suits your passion for designing? Get in touch with us. Animaster College of Animation and Design is one of the best colleges for interior and spatial design. It is one of the finest design schools of this era which is providing quality education to aspirants who are passionate about making a career in interior design. Before making a life-changing career choice, there are a few things you need to know [...]

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CAREER IN GAME DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY Are you a passionate video game player? Do you like stories and character creation? If you answered yes, then we believe that the BVA in Animation and Game Art by Animaster is a great option for you. In this post, we are going to tell you what this career is about. In addition, we are going to tell you what a video game designer does, and the salary you can earn. Also, you will find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of studying this degree. So, stay with us and keep reading. [...]


How to Start Your Career in UX Design…


How to Start Your Career in UX Design... Although User Experience (UX) has become a popular term in the industry, we feel that there is still confusion about the true contribution that a UX designer can make to a team. The abundant information that exists on the internet ends up creating even more confusion. Where to begin? If you are willing to study UX design, you can opt for the BVA in Communication and Graphic Design. In this article we will try to clear up the confusion and give you some basic recommendations for starting your own career [...]

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CAN YOU BE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER? Interior Design allows you to use your creativity and good taste to give a home, an institution, or a company its personality. If design and decoration are your strengths, this may be your career. Why should I study to be an Interior Designer?Because you are passionate about design, because you can generate beauty in the decoration of any environment, because you know how to leave your mark and your personality in your work and because you can adapt your work to the resources you have available, generating with them a result pleasing to [...]

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Product Design Career


Product Design Career For the generation of new objects, with optimized and functional designs, a graduate of the Product Design Career is required who, in addition to an intense capacity to interpret needs, has extensive knowledge of materials and the particularities that make them useful for one purpose or another. What is the Product Design Career like? Since the task of a Product Designer will have to do with the entire production process of a certain object, the Product Design Career will provide a general overview of all the stages involved in these manufacturing tours, instructing on the [...]

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