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    Why Animaster?

    Animaster is one of the top Animation Colleges in India which is perfectly aligned to meet and exceed learners’ and industry expectations, to ensure a comprehensive animation degree.

    Is Animation a good career?

    Pitted as one of the most lucrative career choices in the world of Computer Graphics & digital entertainment , sky is the limit in the field of Bsc animation and Vfx.

    What does an Animator do?

    Lets his/her imagination run wild by creating 2D/3D models, drawings, sketches, designs characters, creates storyboards, CG images etc.

    Do you need to be good at drawing skills to be an Animator

    Drawing/sketching skills could be a plus, but not a necessity. If creativity, a bit of imagination and common sense are your fortes, then get trained in digital skills to do the rest of your job for you.

    Who should join the course?

    If you are a dreamer, naturally creative & imaginative with a flair for storytelling, Bsc Animation and Vfx is the most suitable career choice for you.

    What are the job opportunities after completion?

    Animators have a wide range of opportunities to work in industries such as entertainment(movies and television), education, sales and advertising, digital marketing.

    What is the eligibility for joining?

    Technically, after completion of 12th or equivalent with a passion for animation, one can join this BVA eq. Bsc animation and vfx degree

    Does Animaster assist placement?

    End-to-end assistance from imparting, recognizing, honing & shaping your passion and skills to ensuring you have a rock-solid career after your animation degree, Animaster is with you throughout.

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