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    Online Training

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    2hr/Day, Monday-Friday


    Open To All Based On Their Interest and Aptitude For Design

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    6 Months

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    Learn Graphic design Online

    To Learn graphic design online is an excellent means for aspiring designers and job seekers, to gain the skills they need to succeed in this field. Animaster’s online graphic design diploma can help design aspirants develop their visual communication skills and prepare them for high-profile design jobs in Corporates, Design houses, Advertising agencies and Web publishing houses.

    Our Online Graphic Design Courses arm you with the advanced skill sets you need to emerge a winner in the competitive Design Space. With the option to take the course either on-campus or as an online graphic design course with certification, you can choose what works best for you. Considered one of the best online graphic design programs in the World, this course is also offered at highly affordable fees, payable in easy installments.

    learn graphic design online

    Upon successful completion of our online graphics course, you will be equipped with the skills and expertise needed to bring ideas and concepts to life in tangible visuals. Your position as a designer will be elevated, enabling you to create impactful designs across a range of mediums, from print publishing to interface design, advertising, branding, media and web collaterals. As India’s leading online graphic design school, Animaster is proud to offer this industry-approved online graphic design course with certification, which will serve as a valuable asset to you, as you enter the world of design. Study graphic design online with us today. Enroll now.

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    Software certification – Graphic Design CLASSES ONLINE

    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand

    Adobe Photoshop – ONLINE

    Duration : 4 Weeks ⅼ 1 hr per day ⅼ 5 days a Week or Weekend classes

    Adobe Photoshop Expert is a practice-based course. Along with theory-based classes, we provide extensive practical sessions for better clarity. The course content mainly involves – knowing the work area, professional photo retouching, working with selections, knowing the layer basics, quick fixes, masks and channels.

    While transitioning to advanced learning, our expert instructors acquaint the students with typographic design, vector drawing techniques, advanced compositing, painting with the mixing brush, producing colour consistency, etc. Join our online graphic design courses to master Photoshop and bring your creativity to life.

    graphic design online diploma
    graphic design training online
    online graphic design programs
    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand

    Adobe illustrator – ONLINE

    Duration : 4 Weeks ⅼ 1hr per day ⅼ 5 days a Week or Weekends

    Adobe Illustrator is an advanced vector-based software. For a graphic designer, Illustrator is a bliss to easily create sleek, aesthetically pleasing illustrations, designs and adverts. Adobe Illustrator is used by graphic designers and artists as well.

    It can be used to create company logos, promotional creative works, illustrations, charts, graphs, logos, diagrams, cartoons of real photographs and so on, for both print and digital platforms. Power of vector images is to create an art that can be scaled up and down infinitely without compromising quality.

    Enrol now for our online graphic design courses with certificate and unleash your creativity !

    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand
    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand
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    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand


    Duration : 4 Weeks ⅼ 1hr per day ⅼ 5 days a Week or Weekend Classes

    Adobe Indesign is advanced Desktop publishing software. It enables creation of strategic and compelling layouts for print, online and mobile applications. It acquaints the students with advanced designing tools of Adobe Indesign can help them grow well in the industry.

    Adobe Indesign Expert involves a deep understanding of basic to advanced level knowledge starting from introduction to the software, understanding the work area, scaling and rotating the images, placing and grouping multiple images. In addition, it focuses on replacing and repairing image links, and adding effects to frames and images.

    Limited Seats in our Online Graphic Design courses. Call us now to book yours and start your graphic design training online.

    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand
    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand
    Animaster Image
    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand

    coreldraw – ONLINE

    Duration : 4 Weeks ⅼ 1hr a day ⅼ 5 days a Week or Weekend classes

    CorelDRAW is a powerful vector graphics editor that enables users to create stunning designs with precision and flexibility. In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of CorelDRAW, including how to navigate the interface, work with shapes, text, and images, and utilize tools for drawing, editing, and arranging elements. From designing logos and illustrations to creating layouts for print and web, CorelDRAW offers endless possibilities for graphic design projects.

    Through hands-on tutorials and practical exercises, students will develop the skills and confidence needed to unleash their creativity and produce professional-quality designs using CorelDRAW. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your graphic design skills, this course provides a comprehensive foundation in CorelDRAW for aspiring designers and professionals alike. So what are you waiting for, join our family of designers. Book your seat for our Online Graphic Design courses.

    Begin your graphic design classes online and elevate your design skills to the next level.

    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand
    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand
    Animaster Image

    portfolio/project assessment

    Duration : 4 Weeks
    A portfolio is an essential tool for graphic designers, as it showcases their work and demonstrates their skills to potential clients and employers.

    A portfolio allows a graphic designer to demonstrate their skills and experience visually and tangibly. It provides concrete examples of the designer’s work, allowing potential clients or employers to see their capabilities firsthand. It demonstrates their ability to come up with innovative solutions and execute them in a visually compelling way. A portfolio can help a graphic designer build a strong personal brand, by showcasing their unique style and approach to design. It can also help establish their credibility in the industry, positioning them as an expert in their field.

    Due to this, campus or online graphic design courses are incomplete without a portfolio assessment part in their syllabus. This is an important step in receiving your online graphic design certification. So after, you have completed the graphic design training online and learned all the design software, we will help you with portfolio creation and assessment, so you are totally Job ready and are fully equipped to apply for your dream jobs.

    Join the best online graphic design courses in the World at Animaster. Our Graphic Design Online Diploma will make you a Pro designer. Whats more, you get an Industry approved Online Graphic Design Certification to endorse your skills.


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    Careers after your online Graphic design diploma

    Ready to turn your passion into a rewarding career? Graphic design opens doors to a world of opportunities across diverse industries. As a graphic designer, you can find yourself in various exciting roles, from crafting advertisements in agencies to designing layouts for publishing houses or creating visuals for movie productions. Your creativity will extend to shaping brand identities and translating them into captivating visuals for print, web, and digital platforms. In today’s competitive market, effective advertising is key to building brand preference and driving marketing success. By mastering graphic design online, you’ll gain the skills needed to create compelling designs that connect with audiences and convey brand messages effectively. Plus, with an industry-recognized online graphic design certification, you’ll stand out in job applications, giving you a competitive edge in the dynamic world of design.

    Learn Graphic design Online to open up a plethora of career profiles you can choose after completion of our Online Graphic design Courses:

    Graphic Designer

    Imagine being the creative wizard behind all those eye-catching logos, websites, packaging and ads you see every day. That’s what a graphic designer does! They’re like artists who use computers (or even good old-fashioned pencils and paper) to bring ideas to life in cool visuals. From designing logos that make brands stand out to creating web pages that are as awesome to look at as they are to use, to creating awesome designs for magazines, publications, advertisements and billboards, graphic designers make everything look super cool and catchy. If you’re someone who loves being creative and has a knack for making things look amazing, becoming a graphic designer might just be your dream job!

    Concept Artist

    Become a Concept artist who creates visual representations of ideas, concepts and designs for various media, including film, graphic design, animation and video games. Be the mastermind behind the visual concepts that make brands pop and products stand out! Concept artists are like visual storytellers, using their creativity to craft captivating designs for advertisements, packaging, websites and more. From sketching out ideas for brand logos to envisioning the perfect layout for a marketing campaign, concept artists play a key role in bringing visual concepts to life. If you’re someone who loves blending creativity with strategic thinking to create stunning visuals, then this career choice might just be the perfect fit for you!

    Brand Identity Designer

    A Brand Identity Designer, specializes in creating visual elements that represent a brand, its look and feel and its values, designs logos, does typography, works on color palettes and other visual assets that help establish a brand’s identity. A Brand identity designer is like a brand superhero, crafting all the cool visuals that make a brand unique and memorable. From designing logos that catch your eye to picking out the perfect colors and fonts that represent a brand’s personality, brand identity designers play a crucial role in making brands stand out from the crowd. If you’re someone who loves playing with colors, shapes, and fonts to create stunning visuals that tell a brand’s story, then becoming a brand identity designer might be just right for you.


    Visualizers are creative wizards who work to bring ideas to life through amazing designs. Become a professional who creates visual concepts and designs for various projects. Work closely with art directors, designers, and clients to develop ideas and turn them into compelling visuals. From brainstorming cool concepts to transforming them into eye-catching visuals, visualizers play a key role in making projects shine. If you’re someone who loves turning imagination into reality through art and design, then becoming a visualizer might just be your ticket to a promising career!

    DIGITAL Illustrator

    A Digital Illustrator is a skilled artist who creates original artwork and designs for different projects. They use software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to draw, paint, and craft digital images. From creating illustrations for books and magazines to designing graphics for websites and advertisements, digital illustrators bring creativity to life through their digital art. If you’re passionate about drawing and painting digitally and love bringing ideas to life through visuals, then becoming a digital illustrator might be your perfect career path!

    Logo Designer

    Logo Designers create logos and visual identities for businesses, organizations, and individuals. They typically have a deep understanding of branding, typography, color theory and composition. They create logos and visual identities for all kinds of businesses, groups and people. They know a lot about branding, fonts, colors, and how to put everything together effectively. If you love playing with design and are strong in design principles and have a good understanding of marketing and branding, being a logo designer might be the perfect job for you!

    Creative Director

    If you’ve dreamt of being the captain of a super creative team, this is the position you seek. A Creative director is a senior-level position responsible for overseeing the creative direction and output of a design team. The creative director is responsible for setting the overall vision for the design team, defining the creative strategy, and ensuring that all design work meets the client’s objectives and standards. They’re like the head honchos of creativity, guiding their team to create mind-blowing designs that wow clients and audiences. From coming up with big ideas to making sure every design is top-notch and on point, creative directors are the ultimate visionaries.


    Packaging designers are experts in crafting the perfect packaging for products, making sure they look great and work well. They design everything from boxes to labels, creating eye-catching designs that grab consumers’ attention and effectively convey information about the product. Whether it’s a sleek box for a new gadget or a vibrant label for a delicious snack, packaging designers play a crucial role in making products stand out on store shelves. If you have a knack for creativity and love the idea of blending design with functionality, a career as a packaging designer could be an exciting path for you.


    After mastering graphic design, you can step into the dynamic world of Web and UI/UX Design. As a Web and UI/UX Designer, you’ll be the architect of engaging websites, Apps and user-friendly interfaces. Your role involves blending creativity with functionality to create visually appealing designs that provide seamless user experiences. From crafting layouts and graphics to ensuring intuitive navigation, you’ll be at the forefront of shaping the digital landscape. If you’re passionate about designing for the web and making technology accessible and enjoyable for users, this career path offers endless opportunities.


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    Students Portfolio

    pencil and charcoal animation sketch of a mother and child underwater done by students of BSc animation and multimedia


    Vector,Digital Illustrations,Abstract art

    animated sketch of an armed gaming character in red hooded coat done by a student of BSc animation and gaming


    Logo Design, Concept Design, Typography

    animated sketch of a purple bus traveling through the countryside at night done by a student of the Bdes animation degree course

    graphic design

    Poster, Digital Design, Layout Design

    Student Testimonials

    human silhouette and name of a gaming degree student

    I am doing my bachelor degree in graphic design at Animaster. From knowing nothing about graphic designing to now creating beautiful designs which I had never thought of. The college overall with the fabulous faculty has shaped me as a better person too. There is so much energy at Animaster, learning is just so much fun. This is the very best visual communication degree. I am very thankful and grateful. My portfolio is shaping up just great and I can’t wait to start applying for creative jobs

    Khushi (B.Des)

    human silhouette and name of bdes animation student

    The best thing in life is to turn one’s passion into a profession. Animaster graphic design college, launches you into a wonderful career in design communication that anyone would cherish. The training received is the perfect balance between artistic & technical knowledge with well-designed course work. I thank Animaster for nurturing & carving my passion & career in Graphic & web.The staff are very friendly and they have great faculty. Learning is so much fun. Look forward to my internship and job.

    Sebastin Rodriguez (B.Des)

    human silhouette and name of bva animation degree student

    I am now designated as Chief Designer in Corporation of govt Newspapers at Zanzibar. Animaster taught me to critically organize my life & prepared me to pursue the path of my choice. The faculties were extremely helpful, which set my solid technical base. I collected very good memories of my college & hostel days. The college has been a foundation for my career. I now confidently design 2D animation adverts, Websites and motion graphics after my Bsc graphic design course.

    Yussuf Ali (B.Des)


    Unleash Your Creative Fire: Online Graphic Design Courses at Animaster
    Master the art of visual storytelling from anywhere in the world! Animaster, India’s leading Graphic Design School, brings you an immersive online Graphic Design course with a certificate that’s packed with industry-relevant skills and global recognition.

    Allow our industry-experienced trainers to guide you in honing your unique voice and developing a distinctive design style.
    Explore diverse design disciplines. From branding and typography to illustration and user experience, discover your niche and tailor your portfolio to your interests.

    Collaborate with a global network. Connect with fellow students worldwide, fostering valuable partnerships and expanding your creative horizons. Gain insights from guest lectures by industry leaders and access potential internship opportunities. Join Animaster’s online Graphic Design program and embark on your creative journey, no matter where you are in the world.

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    Be our student today !

    20+ Years of Expertise: Learn from renowned graphic design veterans & University professors with unparalleled experience

    Industry-Aligned Curriculum: Dive deep into latest industry trends and software, master tools like Adobe Creative Suite & stay ahead of the rest

    Globally Recognized: Gain an online graphic design certificate thats respected worldwide, opening doors to career opportunities globally

    Personalized Learning: Benefit from interactive online lectures, individual feedback, and a supportive community of international students.

    More Than Just Skills: Our passionate instructors unleash your creativity & help discover the artist in you. If you are looking for the best online graphic Design courses, Animaster is your top destination !

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    Animaster – The Right Choice

    Committed to the student community for over a decade. Best Infrastructure, expert faculty

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    Animaster – Personalized Learning

    Experienced & skilled in-house professors give individual attention to develop student artists

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    Animaster – Research & Development

    Curriculum, Courseware & study material developed by subject matter experts

    clickable symbol for animaster BSc animation colleges campus life

    Animaster – Campus life

    Vibrant, Colorful environment in silicon city, Bangalore, empowering Art & Design in student life

    clickable symbol for animaster Bsc animation and multimedia colleges events and workshops

    Animaster – Events and Workshop

    Gaining deeper knowledge & artistic intellect by interaction with peer group & industry mentors

    clickable symbol for animaster basc animation and gaming college outdoor learning activities

    Animaster – Outdoor Learning

    Connect with nature, explore sensory & aesthetic development in students

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    From leading Corporates to Multimedia & Gaming Studios to design houses, Animasterians are consistently sought after by recruiters

    • BYJU’S
    • VIBGYOR 360
    • ZYNGA
    • H & M
    • IBM
    • MYNTRA
    • DIVANI
    • TCS
    • MOKSHA


    Online courses in graphic design can be a great option for students who are looking to develop their skills in this area. Taking online courses can be a flexible and convenient way for students to learn the skills they need to succeed in their careers, without having to attend classes on campus.

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