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2023 Graphic Design Degree Admissions

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    Bangalore Campus


    1 Years, Day Program


    10+ 2 (any discipline) or 3 year Technical Diploma


    Graphic & Communication


    Bangalore City University


    Open for 2023


    Certificate in
    Graphic and Communication Design

    The Certificate Course in Graphic Design is focused on a strong foundation in design thinking in its early stages and gradually helps aspiring artists build a specialization in their chosen field of study, leading to exciting careers. This visual communication or Viscom degree is one of the most important building blocks of applying the concept of design thinking and articulating it into a tool for effective communication. You would help leading organizations who visualize, ideate, build and grow brands that connect with their audience.

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    This Certificate course in Graphic Design offered by Animaster, one of the best Graphic design schools in Bangalore, helps you to create Brand identities, Logos, infographics, powerful Visual charts, graphs, represent data and chronological information in visually appealing form. As a pioneer among Graphic designer colleges in Bangalore, at very affordable fees, Animaster provides a comprehensive degree for Certificate in Graphic Design , which is equivalent to the bsc graphic design or the bscor baViscom degree offered by several reputed universities worldwide.

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    Certificate in Graphic Design 

    Semester 1

    Design Language- I (Theory)
    Design Fundamentals- I (Practical)
    Drawing Fundamentals- I (Practical)
    Digital Fluency
    Health & Wellness
    Language 1
    Language 2

    Semester 2

    Design Language- II (Theory)
    Design Fundamentals- II (Practical)
    Drawing Fundamentals- II (Practical)
    Environmental Studies
    Open Elective (OE)
    NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural
    Language 1
    Language 2

    Semester 3

    Graphic Design & Communication-I
    Basic Typography
    Digital Media-I
    NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural
    Language 1
    Language 2

    Semester 4

    Constitution of India & Human Rights
    Graphic Design &Communication-II
    Advance Typography
    Digital Media-II
    SEC 2–Artificial Intelligence
    NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural
    Language 1
    Language 2

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    animation college campus collage and bsc animation and vfx students work portfolio
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    Careers in Graphics And Communication Design

    This remains the core sector and provides a wide range of avenues across various sectors. You could find yourself in an advertising agency, a publishing house, a movie production company, a web design firm or even in corporate communications! While the canvas probably begins with creating and refining the Brand Identity, it extends to every Visual media that includes outdoor advertising, the digital media, the television and other display media. Advertising creates positive preference and is an important companion of marketing efforts. A successful career is possible with the Certificate in Graphic Design.

    Graphic Designer

    A graphic designer communicates ideas visually using computer software or by hand. They design logos, websites, advertisements, packaging, and more to create effective and appealing designs.

    Concept Artist

    Become concept artist who creates visual representations of ideas, concepts, and designs for various media, including film,graphic design, animation, and video games.

    Brand Identity Designer

    Specialize in creating visual elements that represent a brand and its values. Designing logos, typography, color palettes, and other visual assets that help establish a brand’s identity.


    Become a professional who creates visual concepts and designs for various projects. Work closely with art directors, designers, and clients to develop ideas and turn them into compelling visuals.


    Professional who creates original artwork and designs for various projects. They specialize in drawing, painting, and creating digital images using software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.

    Logo Designer

    Create logos and visual identities for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Logo designers typically have a deep understanding of branding, typography, color theory, and composition.

    Creative Director

    Creative director is a senior-level position responsible for overseeing the creative direction and output of a design team. The creative director is responsible for setting the overall vision for the design team, defining the creative strategy, and ensuring that all design work meets the client’s objectives and standards.

    Creative Director

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    Creative Director

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    Students Portfolio

    pencil and charcoal animation sketch of a mother and child underwater done by students of BSc animation and multimedia


    Vector,Digital Illustrations,Photomanupilation

    Showcase a diverse range of work that demonstrates mastery of techniques such as hand-drawn illustration, photo manipulation, and digital illustration

    animated sketch of a purple bus traveling through the countryside at night done by a student of the Bdes animation degree course


    Logo Design, Concept Design, Typography

    Portfolio showcasing the design skills, which reflect a strong understanding of branding, logo design, concept design, and typography. The ability to create memorable and effective visual identities that align with a client’s brand and marketing goals. Skills in creating compelling visuals that capture the essence of a brand and help it stand out in a crowded marketplace.

    animated sketch of a purple bus traveling through the countryside at night done by a student of the Bdes animation degree course

    graphic design

    Poster, Digital Design, Layout Design

    Visually striking posters that effectively communicate messages or promote events. Focused on utilizing digital tools and software to create impactful graphics and imagery through digital design.

    Student Testimonials

    human silhouette and name of a gaming degree student

    I am doing my bachelor degree in graphic design at Animaster. From knowing nothing about graphic designing to now creating beautiful designs which I had never thought of. The college overall with the fabulous faculty has shaped me as a better person too. There is so much energy at Animaster, learning is just so much fun. This is the very best visual communication degree. I am very thankful and grateful. My portfolio is shaping up just great and I can’t wait to start applying for creative jobs

    Khushi (B.Des)

    human silhouette and name of bdes animation student

    The best thing in life is to turn one’s passion into a profession. Animaster graphic design college, launches you into a wonderful career in design communication that anyone would cherish. The training received is the perfect balance between artistic & technical knowledge with well-designed course work. I thank Animaster for nurturing & carving my passion & career in Graphic & web.The staff are very friendly and they have great faculty. Learning is so much fun. Look forward to my internship and job.

    Sebastin Rodriguez (B.Des)

    human silhouette and name of bva animation degree student

    I am now designated as Chief Designer in Corporation of govt Newspapers at Zanzibar. Animaster taught me to critically organize my life & prepared me to pursue the path of my choice. The faculties were extremely helpful, which set my solid technical base. I collected very good memories of my college & hostel days. The college has been a foundation for my career. I now confidently design 2D animation adverts, Websites and motion graphics after my Bsc graphic design course.

    Yussuf Ali (B.Des)


    BCU is considered as one of the largest universities of Asia. The University was first accredited in 2002 by NAAC with Five Star Status and was re-accredited in the year 2008 with an ‘A’ Grade
    According to India Today – Nielsen survey of May 31st, 2010, Bangalore University ranks 13th in the list of 50 top Universities in the Country. Bangalore Central University has prevailed among the premier and largest universities.

    The University was established in 1964. It provides a Governance framework to all colleges which provide higher education in its geographical jurisdiction. Any Degree College in Bangalore that has to be recognized by the University has to subscribe to the standards and ensure regulatory compliance on a yearly basis. Some of the best colleges in Bangalore, therefore, have a benchmark to meet and exceed these standards. These standards are aligned to the National Education Policy(NEP), which provides guidelines to the Universities in ensuring effective education delivery.

    animation university building

    These would be different for engineering colleges, degree colleges in Bangalore imparting education in pure sciences and for those colleges that qualify under the category of Animation College, Interior Design College or Graphic Design College.

    Under the 3 categories of Animation College, Interior Design College and graphic design College, the 3 Degree courses that are offered by the Animaster Academy are listed below.

    • BVA in Animation and Game Art – 4 Years.
    • BVA in Interior and Spatial Design – 4 Years.
    • BVA in Graphic and Communication Design – 4 Years.
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    bangalore animation college illustration

    Be our student today !

    With over 20 years of experience in helping young animators create inspiring game characters, monsters and weapons, our Bachelor of Animation degree college course comes to you from the best Animation School in India.

    Our Animation College is aligned to meet industry expectations and dovetailed with the latest tools and applications that technology has to offer. Our experienced and highly motivated team of educators help you reach deep within to translate your thoughts into vibrant animated ideas.

    Based in Bangalore, one of the best cities in India, renowned for being home to some of the top Gaming colleges and a pioneer in technology and innovation, our eq.BSc Animation College is ideally located to cater to students from all regions of the world.

    If you are passionate about Animation and Gaming, looking for the best university animation design degree program, Animaster Gaming degree college is your top destination.

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    ANIMASTER Highlights

    clickable symbol for animaster animation college as a right choice

    Animaster – The Right Choice

    Committed to the student community for over a decade. Best Infrastructure, expert faculty

    clickable symbol for animaster animation and gaming colleges personalized learning

    Animaster – Personalized Learning

    Experienced & skilled in-house professors give individual attention to develop student artists

    clickable symbol for animaster animation degree colleges research and development wing

    Animaster – Research & Development

    Curriculum, Courseware & study material developed by subject matter experts

    clickable symbol for animaster BSc animation colleges campus life

    Animaster – Campus life

    Vibrant, Colorful environment in silicon city, Bangalore, empowering Art & Design in student life

    clickable symbol for animaster Bsc animation and multimedia colleges events and workshops

    Animaster – Events and Workshop

    Gaining deeper knowledge & artistic intellect by interaction with peer group & industry mentors

    clickable symbol for animaster basc animation and gaming college outdoor learning activities

    Animaster – Outdoor Learning

    Connect with nature, explore sensory & aesthetic development in students

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    Animasterians are a favorite among recruiters of leading Corporates, Studios & design houses

    • BYJU’S
    • VIBGYOR 360
    • ZYNGA
    • H & M
    • IBM
    • MYNTRA
    • DIVANI
    • TCS
    • MOKSHA

    FAQ – animation collegeS

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