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Join The Best College Of Animation & VFX In India

2023 Animation Degree Admissions Open !

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    Bangalore Campus


    1 Years, Day Program


    10+ 2 (any discipline) or 3 year Technical Diploma


    Animation & VFX


    Bangalore City University


    Open for 2023


    Certificate in Animation and VFX

    Our Certificate in Animation and VFX course is dedicated to build sound foundations and ensures specialization in chosen fields, that ensure exciting careers. Our Animation Course, that includes Gaming & Vfx, is one of the most sought after and exciting choices for those who are glued to their joysticks.

    This includes the fundamentals and principles of Animation design, the application of animation engineering concepts, modeling, building characters, storyboards, integrating audio, creating stunning visuals, virtual landscapes, surroundings collaborative 3D frameworks and multimedia in general.

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    Our Gaming College equips you to understand and build stories, write scripts, design characters, model for game, integrate with game engines, design for Game levels, create visually stimulating BG’s, while adapting Multimedia and Animation into the realm of Game Art. Our Animation college, incorporates syllabus and curriculum offered by leading animation degree and VFX colleges and is aligned to other similar degrees like the BSc Animation, BFA Animation, BSc Multimedia or the BA in Animation from several other world universities. The eq. BSc Animation degree has all the elements offered by the top Animation colleges in the world.

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    Semester 1

    Design Language- I (Theory)
    Design Fundamentals- I (Practical)
    Drawing Fundamentals- I (Practical) Digital Fluency
    Health & Wellness
    Language 1
    Language 2

    Semester 2

    Design Language- II (Theory)
    Design Fundamentals- II (Practical)
    Drawing Fundamentals- II (Practical)
    Environmental Studies
    Open Elective(OE)
    NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural
    Language 1
    Language 2

    Semester 3

    Animation Foundation
    Art for Animation-I
    Computer Graphics Fundamentals
    AI /Financial Education & IA
    Constitution of India
    NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural
    Language 1
    Language 2

    Semester 4

    3D CGI Foundation
    2D-3D Digital Animation
    Art for Animation II
    Skill Enhancement 2 – AI
    NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural
    Language 1
    Language 2

    Semester 5

    Pre-production, Script to Animatic
    Character Animation
    BG Design and Development
    Open Elective
    Skill Enhancement- 3, UI/UX
    Sports NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural

    Semester 6

    Character Design & Development
    Game Art
    Open Elective
    SEC–4,Professional Communication
    NCC/NSS/R &R (S&G)/Cultural

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    Careers in Animation and VFX

    At our Bangalore Animation College, in our relentless quest to be recognized as one of the best colleges of Animation in India, our degree is equivalent to the BSc Animation and Multimedia or the BSc in Animation and VFX in reputed universities worldwide. During the course of your graduation in Animation and Game Art, there would be challenging internship opportunities that help you interact with experienced professionals in the industry. These experiences equip you to get an insider’s perspective and build confidence and even create your own games. If your interest in Animation and Game Art is infectious, we are certainly Game for it. Join our Animation School today!


    Construct physical or digital versions of everything visible on screen in animation. Covert environment and character designs into models to be animated.

    Character Animator

    Design and create characters using animation software, 3D Modelling, puppetry. Generate storyboards, sketches about character movements.

    Game Level Designer

    Design various levels in games, create varied environments for players to explore in video games, help and guide players throughout the gaming experience.

    Texturing artist

    Create realistic and fantastical textures and shaders for characters, environments or objects for 3D Modelling throughout the production.

    Lighting Artist

    Create lighting for scenes in CG Films. Work with shadows to create depth and realism. Use light to enhance the atmosphere, tone, depth and mood of a scene.

    Game Tester

    Play through games, detect defects, bugs or anomalies, test specific aspects of a game, report each bug to the development team, retest once defects are fixed.

    Rigging Artist

    Determine and create rigs for movements in models used for animation by understanding the story and characters. Create prototypes for testing.

    Render Specialist

    Copy the art that is visible in front of you by rendering values and shapes of the objects as accurately as possible to make it appear photo realistic.

    VFX Specialist

    Develop graphic designs and visual effects for films, TV shows, commercials. Apply latest technology to produce CG creatures, crowds, digital particles like water, fire etc.

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    Students Portfolio

    pencil and charcoal animation sketch of a mother and child underwater done by students of BSc animation and multimedia

    2d works

    Traditional, Digital Animation

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    animated sketch of an armed gaming character in red hooded coat done by a student of BSc animation and gaming

    3d works

    Concept Design, 3d Animation

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    animated sketch of a purple bus traveling through the countryside at night done by a student of the Bdes animation degree course


    Crafts, Design, Motion Graphics,UI/UX

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    Student Testimonials

    human silhouette and name of a gaming degree student

    All the faculties are knowledgeable and friendly. They are always ready to help any time resolving our doubts. Extra classes and workshops are conducted for better understanding. The environment here is vibrant. It really is the top design college in India. All the classrooms are well equipped and well ventilated. We also have the best-equipped labs for Animation, Interior, Vfx and Game Design, clean washrooms, canteen, lift, library, and a parking lot. Glad to be a student of the best bangalore design school, Animaster.

    Shalini Lokesh
    (BVA- Graphics & Communication)

    human silhouette and name of bdes animation student

    The experience of learning animation in Animaster animation College, Bangalore is fun and exciting where classrooms are very student friendly & the environment is creatively stimulating and modern. Faculty members are of various cultures & ages making learning much easier & enjoyable at the same time professional with their guidance. I am glad to have joined this college as it is the best college for animation & gaming.

    Yashoda Shanmugam
    (BVA- Animation & Game Art)

    human silhouette and name of bva animation degree student

    I was looking for the best Gaming colleges in India and found that only Animaster offers the right combination of gaming and animation, as a professional degree from the prestigious Bangalore university. I am so glad to have found this course. The environment of the college is amazing and learning is so much fun. This is the best game design college in India. Thank you Animaster.

    Sathya Ravichandra
    (BVA- Animation & Game Art)


    BCU is considered as one of the largest universities of Asia. The University was first accredited in 2002 by NAAC with Five Star Status and was re-accredited in the year 2008 with an ‘A’ Grade
    According to India Today – Nielsen survey of May 31st, 2010, Bangalore University ranks 13th in the list of 50 top Universities in the Country. Bangalore Central University has prevailed among the premier and largest universities.

    The University was established in 1964. It provides a Governance framework to all colleges which provide higher education in its geographical jurisdiction. Any Degree College in Bangalore that has to be recognized by the University has to subscribe to the standards and ensure regulatory compliance on a yearly basis. Some of the best colleges in Bangalore, therefore, have a benchmark to meet and exceed these standards. These standards are aligned to the National Education Policy(NEP), which provides guidelines to the Universities in ensuring effective education delivery.

    animation university building

    These would be different for engineering colleges, degree colleges in Bangalore imparting education in pure sciences and for those colleges that qualify under the category of Animation College, Interior Design College or Graphic Design College.

    Under the 3 categories of Animation College, Interior Design College and graphic design College, the 3 Degree courses that are offered by the Animaster Academy are listed below.

    • BVA in Animation and Game Art – 4 Years.
    • BVA in Interior and Spatial Design – 4 Years.
    • BVA in Graphic and Communication Design – 4 Years.
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    Be our student today !

    With over 20 years of experience in helping young animators create inspiring game characters, monsters and weapons, our Bachelor of Animation degree college course comes to you from the best Animation School in India.

    Our Animation College is aligned to meet industry expectations and dovetailed with the latest tools and applications that technology has to offer. Our experienced and highly motivated team of educators help you reach deep within to translate your thoughts into vibrant animated ideas.

    Based in Bangalore, one of the best cities in India, renowned for being home to some of the top Gaming colleges and a pioneer in technology and innovation, our eq.BSc Animation College is ideally located to cater to students from all regions of the world.

    If you are passionate about Animation and Gaming, looking for the best university animation design degree program, Animaster Gaming degree college is your top destination.

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    ANIMASTER Highlights

    clickable symbol for animaster animation college as a right choice

    Animaster – The Right Choice

    Committed to the student community for over a decade. Best Infrastructure, expert faculty

    clickable symbol for animaster animation and gaming colleges personalized learning

    Animaster – Personalized Learning

    Experienced & skilled in-house professors give individual attention to develop student artists

    clickable symbol for animaster animation degree colleges research and development wing

    Animaster – Research & Development

    Curriculum, Courseware & study material developed by subject matter experts

    clickable symbol for animaster BSc animation colleges campus life

    Animaster – Campus life

    Vibrant, Colorful environment in silicon city, Bangalore, empowering Art & Design in student life

    clickable symbol for animaster Bsc animation and multimedia colleges events and workshops

    Animaster – Events and Workshop

    Gaining deeper knowledge & artistic intellect by interaction with peer group & industry mentors

    clickable symbol for animaster basc animation and gaming college outdoor learning activities

    Animaster – Outdoor Learning

    Connect with nature, explore sensory & aesthetic development in students

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    Animasterians are a favorite among recruiters of leading Corporates, Studios & design houses

    • BYJU’S
    • VIBGYOR 360
    • ZYNGA
    • H & M
    • IBM
    • MYNTRA
    • DIVANI
    • TCS
    • MOKSHA


    Why Animaster?

    Animaster is one of the top Animation schools in India which is perfectly aligned to meet and exceed learners’ and industry expectations.

    Is Animation a good career?

    Pitted as one of the most lucrative career choices in this digital world, sky is the limit in the field of animation and graphics.

    What does an Animator do?

    Lets his/her imagination run wild by creating 2D/3D models, drawings, sketches, designs characters, creates storyboards, CG images etc.

    Do you need to be good at drawing skills to be an Animator

    Drawing/sketching skills could be a plus, but not a necessity. If creativity, a bit of imagination and common sense are your fortes, then let Computers do the rest of your job for you.

    Who should join the course?

    If you are a dreamer, naturally creative, imaginative with a flair for story telling, animation is the most suitable career choice for you.

    What are the job opportunities after completion?

    Animators have a wide range of opportunities to work in industries such as entertainment(movies and television), education, sales and advertising, digital marketing.

    What is the eligibility for joining?

    Technically, after completion of 12th or equivalent. However, anyone with passion for animation can join short term certification courses, age and education no bar.

    Does Animaster assist placement?

    End to end assistance from imparting, recognizing, honing and shaping your passion and skills to ensuring you have a rock solid career, Animaster is with you throughout.

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