The Academic Organization is structured as per the field of academics with specific teams addressing the need of that creative department. The Schools ensure focus, core competence and attention to detail in their core area of specialization

Animation School

Learn Foundations of Design principles, 2D Modeling, 3D Modeling ,CGI, VFX, Graphic design.

Gaming School

Learn aspects related to Storyboarding, creating and developing characters, VFX and Gaming techniques.

Schools of Interior Design

Learn Foundations of Design, Materials used for Interiors, Furniture, Décor, Lighting and Landscapes.

School of Graphic Design

Create powerful presentations, Infographics, Schematic diagrams, representation of historical data, trends and patterns.

School of Visual Arts

Learn basics of drawing, color combinations, building characters, 2D Modeling and 3D Modeling.

Corporate Upskill

Join our programs that help teach you a new tool, a new video editing software or the latest in technology to upgrade your skills.

Schools and Kids

Be a part of our most sought after courses for children in various age groups. Create your own logos, designs and indulge your creative minds.

Online school

Join Our Online Classes, powered by our state of the art digital infrastructure from any part of the world. Join our global community.

52, Rama Towers, Bellary Rd, next to Baptist Hospital, Hebbal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560024

Mob: +91 99019 75609
: 080 2343 2801/02

8:30 AM – 6:30 PM Monday to Saturday


University Degree
University Diploma
University Certification
Animaster Certified Courses
Schools & Kids
Corporate Upskill
Online Courses