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Join The Best College Of Animation & Game Art In India

2023 Animation Degree Admissions Open !

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    Earn a career and prepare for certification with an accredited online program

    Animaster provides an online learning platform that delivers online professional certificate programs to individuals and organizations around the world

    What is online learning?

    With the use of increasing technology, online learning continues to develop as an accessible option to education and practice. Often referred to as ‘e-learning’ or ‘digital learning’. It is a team that involves learning which takes place across distance and not in a traditional classroom.Students of all ages and levels of education are learning through Internet-based courses rather than face-to-face in a physical classroom. The many applications used in online learning programs, based on video learning management systems, provide educational information to students at a distance.“The opportunity for students with geographical barriers, jobs, personal commitments and / or financial limitations to learn from a distance is gaining foot in the field of education.”

    This convenient and low-cost education route often requires that students have a basic knowledge of computers and internet, and be able to communicate effectively through writing. Due to the remoteness of online learning, students must also be independent and self-disciplined, as they are often expected to manage their class schedules and meet deadlines without a reminder in person of the instructors.When considering online learning options, it is important to consider whether the school college is accredited, which means that a school/college meets the educational standards set by a board or government.Reputable online education programs at all levels, from pre-school to post-secondary education, can be a valuable source of learning that provides greater access to students in a more affordable way.

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    There are several benefits to online programs. One of them is career advancement. Candidates can take up online courses while working or in between their jobs. One should always find out time to follow their passion. It also helps to improve technical skills. Even the basic online course requires the development of new computer skills. The participation skills students learn within their online courses translate to many professions.

    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand

    Animaster College of Animation and Design offers a variety of programs and courses. The team has tried to design the program in such a manner that it gets flexible and convenient for students from all educational backgrounds to understand. The learning environment is comfortable, unlike physical class sessions. Students listen to lectures and complete assignments sent to them electronically. Course material is accessible online which helps the student balance their education. These courses add value and look great in the resume. It doesn’t matter where your career stands at this moment; an online program will always look good on your resume. It will show potential employers that you’re committed to learning and you’re eager to obtain more knowledge and new skills.

    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand

    Still, choosing the right online program isn’t that easy, and there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Prospective students need to make sure the college is accredited and that the course scheduling requirements work with their professional and personal commitments. An online undergraduate or graduate design program can come with a hefty price tag. That’s why it’s especially important to reach out to academic advisers for support and information before enrolling. Given the high costs of these programs, it’s also essential that prospective students aren’t duped into enrolling in an illegitimate online program. There are many fake online programs that may seem real at first glance on the internet but often lack the proper accreditation and rigor to be accepted by employers.

    bachelor of animation degree banner with a futuristic metallic creature with a metallic staff in hand
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    Why Animaster?

    Animaster College of Animation and Design provides certificate online programs that are personally developed by the faculty with expertise in a wide range of topics, including animation, graphics and more. The college is renowned in the field of animation, graphic, interior, and product design and is also listed in the top 10 animation colleges in Bangalore. Students learn in an interactive, small unit format to gain skills they can immediately apply in their organizations and earn a certificate from Animaster College. It is a platform that gives the applicant the freedom to learn and explore. Online degrees create new opportunities for students in a variety of subjects at every level of education.

    The great news is that students love their online Animation degree programs! According to the survey, students attending online college report a level of satisfaction that is 21 percent higher than that of traditional, on-campus students. It is because they experience better interaction and stronger support from professors.

    If you desire to go for an online certification program then enroll now!


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    Student Testimonials

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    All the faculties are knowledgeable and friendly. They are always ready to help any time resolving our doubts. Extra classes and workshops are conducted for better understanding. The environment here is vibrant. It really is the top design college in India. All the classrooms are well equipped and well ventilated. We also have the best-equipped labs for Animation, Interior, Vfx and Game Design, clean washrooms, canteen, lift, library, and a parking lot. Glad to be a student of the best bangalore design school, Animaster.

    Shalini Lokesh
    (BVA- Graphics & Communication)

    human silhouette and name of bdes animation student

    The experience of learning animation in Animaster animation College, Bangalore is fun and exciting where classrooms are very student friendly & the environment is creatively stimulating and modern. Faculty members are of various cultures & ages making learning much easier & enjoyable at the same time professional with their guidance. I am glad to have joined this college as it is the best college for animation & gaming.

    Yashoda Shanmugam
    (BVA- Animation & Game Art)

    human silhouette and name of bva animation degree student

    I was looking for the best Gaming colleges in India and found that only Animaster offers the right combination of gaming and animation, as a professional degree from the prestigious Bangalore university. I am so glad to have found this course. The environment of the college is amazing and learning is so much fun. This is the best game design college in India. Thank you Animaster.

    Sathya Ravichandra
    (BVA- Animation & Game Art)


    BCU is considered as one of the largest universities of Asia. The University was first accredited in 2002 by NAAC with Five Star Status and was re-accredited in the year 2008 with an ‘A’ Grade
    According to India Today – Nielsen survey of May 31st, 2010, Bangalore University ranks 13th in the list of 50 top Universities in the Country. Bangalore Central University has prevailed among the premier and largest universities.

    The University was established in 1964. It provides a Governance framework to all colleges which provide higher education in its geographical jurisdiction. Any Degree College in Bangalore that has to be recognized by the University has to subscribe to the standards and ensure regulatory compliance on a yearly basis. Some of the best colleges in Bangalore, therefore, have a benchmark to meet and exceed these standards. These standards are aligned to the National Education Policy(NEP), which provides guidelines to the Universities in ensuring effective education delivery.

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    These would be different for engineering colleges, degree colleges in Bangalore imparting education in pure sciences and for those colleges that qualify under the category of Animation College, Interior Design College or Graphic Design College.

    Under the 3 categories of Animation College, Interior Design College and graphic design College, the 3 Degree courses that are offered by the Animaster Academy are listed below.

    • BVA in Animation and Game Art – 4 Years.
    • BVA in Interior and Spatial Design – 4 Years.
    • BVA in Graphic and Communication Design – 4 Years.
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    Be our student today !

    With over 20 years of experience in helping young animators create inspiring game characters, monsters and weapons, our Bachelor of Animation degree college course comes to you from the best Animation School in India.

    Our Animation College is aligned to meet industry expectations and dovetailed with the latest tools and applications that technology has to offer. Our experienced and highly motivated team of educators help you reach deep within to translate your thoughts into vibrant animated ideas.

    Based in Bangalore, one of the best cities in India, renowned for being home to some of the top Gaming colleges and a pioneer in technology and innovation, our eq.BSc Animation College is ideally located to cater to students from all regions of the world.

    If you are passionate about Animation and Gaming, looking for the best university animation design degree program, Animaster Gaming degree college is your top destination.

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    ANIMASTER Highlights

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    Animaster – The Right Choice

    Committed to the student community for over a decade. Best Infrastructure, expert faculty

    clickable symbol for animaster animation and gaming colleges personalized learning

    Animaster – Personalized Learning

    Experienced & skilled in-house professors give individual attention to develop student artists

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    Animaster – Research & Development

    Curriculum, Courseware & study material developed by subject matter experts

    clickable symbol for animaster BSc animation colleges campus life

    Animaster – Campus life

    Vibrant, Colorful environment in silicon city, Bangalore, empowering Art & Design in student life

    clickable symbol for animaster Bsc animation and multimedia colleges events and workshops

    Animaster – Events and Workshop

    Gaining deeper knowledge & artistic intellect by interaction with peer group & industry mentors

    clickable symbol for animaster basc animation and gaming college outdoor learning activities

    Animaster – Outdoor Learning

    Connect with nature, explore sensory & aesthetic development in students

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    Animasterians are a favorite among recruiters of leading Corporates, Studios & design houses

    • BYJU’S
    • VIBGYOR 360
    • ZYNGA
    • H & M
    • IBM
    • MYNTRA
    • DIVANI
    • TCS
    • MOKSHA

    FAQ – animation collegeS

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