The programs offered at Animaster are recognized worldwide

Why Indian Education system?

The Indian Education system is the third largest higher education system in the world. It sustains around 800 univertisites, 39000 colleges and a volume of enrolling more than 20 million students. The Indian Education system is vast and offers varieties of academic learning. It is a vibrant and diverse education system that adds a flavour of modernity and cutting edge to the traditional.

This vastness of the Indian education device without delay interprets to enhanced possibilities for its college students and global studying for an all-round academic and personal development.

Indian education stages from publicity to the contemporary advancements of science and technology like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Cognitive Computing to Ayurveda, Yoga and Sanskrit. It is also a placement oriented education system with hundreds of companies hiring regularly from Indian campuses.

India is known for its incredible diversity, be it cultures, languages or regions. India as a country, is unique. Every region has different food to savour and culture to explore. India is multicultural and secular and is manifested by many festivals which are celebrated across religions.

India has great stories to tell from its past. From the Mahabharata to the great freedom struggle. The architecture and monuments signify India’s glorious history. It is, without doubt, a wonderful place to explore.

India is set to become the youngest nation demographically in the world by 2030. It has 29 states and 7 union territories. There are 22 official languages, religions such as Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism which truly embody the spirit of unity in Diversity.

The country, its art, culture, people, heritage and the education system blend tradition and modernity seamlessly.

Why choose Animaster?

All our university programs are professional courses, recognized by the national level statutory bodies established for the maintenance of norms and standards. Our university degree and Diploma programs are recognized worldwide with an exchangeable credit system. The courses, programs, and curriculum have been structured considering the global approach and reach. The alumni and pursuing international scholars express their comfort zone at Animaster.

We have an immense amount of pleasure in serving our international students. An important part of the college experience at Animaster would include getting involved in various kinds of events and activities in and around campus. There are many social opportunities that would help the students to make new friends and make the most of their extracurricular time. Fun activities are scheduled throughout the semesters. Events that are upcoming on the campus are advertised via email, social media posts and on the college calendar.

International students are welcomed and encouraged to join various clubs and organizations on campus. There is a specific organization, that is wholly dedicated to the international student association. It helps and enables our international students to engage in multitude of activities. We organize seminars and workshops that many people look forward to attending. Once given a thought, visit your embassy in the vicinity, to gain more information and knowledge about the nearest source of education.

Students who will be relocating to study on campus read on


As Animaster considers spread of education as the foremost priority, the fee structure of the quality education offered by Animaster has been kept within reach of every income group. We welcome the international students to study at Animaster College and be a part of an educational system that is embedded with the values of quality and honest teaching. The average cost of studying in India is one-fourth of that charged by western universities.


We do not insist on the above scores. We believe in the power of imagination that any individual holds. The programs are taught in English, hence basic knowledge of English is required. English speaking classes are also provided to support the student.


We provide good quality hostel accommodation to all our international students. This is furnished accommodation with a variety of food to suit your taste and taste buds! You may also cook the food of your choice. And as we are located in the heart of the city, there are many places for the students to go and explore different flavors. If you wish, you may also stay outside in private accommodations and rented flats.


You need to complete your admission through the online process as per the requisites of the course. Animaster College will process your admission for the desired program. If all documentation is submitted in adherence to University guidelines, we will complete the admission acceptance and support you with the relevant paperwork. You may apply for the visa in accordance. Be well prepared in advance, so that you don’t miss any last dates/deadlines.


The Administrative and student support team at Animaster are trained and well equipped to take care of foreign students and their specific needs. Once admission is accepted, we will help you plan the dates of travel as also with the calendar of events and exam schedule of the academic year you wish to join for. You may choose to visit home during official holidays in the calendar. Do discuss your requirements with us well in advance.


Why Animaster?

Animaster is one of the top Animation Colleges in India which is perfectly aligned to meet and exceed learners’ and industry expectations, to ensure a comprehensive animation degree.

Is Animation a good career?

Pitted as one of the most lucrative career choices in the world of Computer Graphics & digital entertainment , sky is the limit in the field of Bsc animation and Vfx.

What does an Animator do?

Lets his/her imagination run wild by creating 2D/3D models, drawings, sketches, designs characters, creates storyboards, CG images etc.

Do you need to be good at drawing skills to be an Animator

Drawing/sketching skills could be a plus, but not a necessity. If creativity, a bit of imagination and common sense are your fortes, then get trained in digital skills to do the rest of your job for you.

Who should join the course?

If you are a dreamer, naturally creative & imaginative with a flair for storytelling, Bsc Animation and Vfx is the most suitable career choice for you.

What are the job opportunities after completion?

Animators have a wide range of opportunities to work in industries such as entertainment(movies and television), education, sales and advertising, digital marketing.

What is the eligibility for joining?

Technically, after completion of 12th or equivalent with a passion for animation, one can join this BVA eq. Bsc animation and vfx degree

Does Animaster assist placement?

End-to-end assistance from imparting, recognizing, honing & shaping your passion and skills to ensuring you have a rock-solid career after your animation degree, Animaster is with you throughout.

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