How to Start Your Career in UX Design…


Start Your Career in UX Design Although User Experience (UX) has become a popular term in the industry, we feel that there is still confusion about the true contribution that a UX designer can make to a team. The abundant information that exists on the internet ends up creating even more confusion. Where to begin? If you are willing to study UX design, you can opt for the BVA in Communication and Graphic Design. In this article we will try to clear up the confusion and give you some basic recommendations for starting your own career in UX. [...]

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Can You Be An Interior Designer?


Interior Design allows you to use your creativity and good taste to give a home, an institution, or a company its personality. If design and decoration are your strengths, this may be your career. Why should I study to be an Interior Designer?Because you are passionate about design, because you can generate beauty in the decoration of any environment, because you know how to leave your mark and your personality in your work and because you can adapt your work to the resources you have available, generating with them a result pleasing to the eye and functional. BVA [...]

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Product Design Career


Product Design Career For the generation of new objects, with optimized and functional designs, a graduate of the Product Design Career is required who, in addition to an intense capacity to interpret needs, has extensive knowledge of materials and the particularities that make them useful for one purpose or another. What is the Product Design Career like? Since the task of a Product Designer will have to do with the entire production process of a certain object, the Product Design Career will provide a general overview of all the stages involved in these manufacturing tours, instructing on the [...]

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Drawing Fundamentals


Drawing Fundamentals Drawing Fundamentals Learning outcomes: By the end of this chapter, you will be able to: Learn about a different types of pencil grips. Draw straight lines, good circles, fluent curves, reverse curves, and basic shapes. Understand the importance of basic shapes used for drawing objects. Draw objects using basic shapes. Use basic construction methods to create precise drawings. Manipulate the volume of basic shapes. You would need the following to get started: A set of graphite pencils. Graphite pencils are available in 20 different levels of hardness ranging from 9H to 9xxB. 9H is the lightest, [...]

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The 12 Principles of Animation


The 12 Principles of Animation The 12 Principles of Animation Every profession or trade requires basic rules or at least a common language to unify some criteria. In most cases, there is an elementary guide that allows the development of this activity, facilitating the way for new generations. That guide, who has been shaped by those who experience, has allowed them to innovate and wish to transmit that knowledge. Animation does not escape this, although we always seek to renew in this industry, it is important to maintain some aspects and respect them whether we do traditional animation or if [...]

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