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Why Diploma In Animation?

If you have just completed your 10th Standard board/ CBSE/ICSE exams and are confused about what career to choose, we have got the right guidance for you. Animation is an extremely wise choice today. It is a highly vocational/job-oriented career. It is more advantageous to study a diploma course in animation as compared to a program in CNC, Tool and Die, Civil, electrical, mechanical, carpentry and so on. With no core subjects in animation, it is much easier to grasp for those who find it challenging to score well in these subjects. The pay-scale and job satisfaction available in the animation industry is far better than some of the others. Animaster being the No.1 Animation College in Bangalore, India, offers a wide range of job-oriented diploma and certificate courses specially meant for students who have completed their SSLC. Moreover, a student can also obtain lateral entry to the Degree program to become a graduate.

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Course Objective

The 3-year Diploma in Animation is one of the best career-oriented courses we offer at Animaster. This course comes highly recommended by industry experts. Since it covers all the areas of animation – Traditional 2D animation, Digital 2D animation, Graphics design, 3D animation, and special effects, it’s a very well-rounded program. This 6-semester course opens a huge window of opportunities for jobs in the animation sector. Animation sector headhunters are keen on recruiting students who have knowledge of the various areas in animation. This can easily be achieved by pursuing this 3-year diploma in animation. One can also do specialization in one particular animation field.


Students who have completed their 10th can opt for the Diploma in Animation. However, the students who want to enroll in the diploma and have not yet completed their 10th can also enroll for the course, provided they sit for an online aptitude test.

We believe in creativity and we support students who have the passion to learn and explore.
The rapid advancement of technology has made animation available to the masses and has made the animation industry emerge as one of the fastest-growing industries who have valued talent over anything. The demand for animated shows is ever-expanding with the increase of cable and satellite TV coupled with the ever-growing popularity of the Internet. In the past, animated shows were aimed at children below the age of nine. However, in recent years, their aim of capturing the interest of teenagers and adults have also found great success.

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Project Work And Portfolio

All the courses culminate in a portfolio that is reflective of the skills acquired and design sensibilities achieved as a result of the program. Containing exhaustive assignments or projects is reflective of the student’s effort throughout the length of the course. This will be beneficial while attending interviews to show a prospective employer your academic acumen and design prowess.

Placement Opportunities

The animation and design industry is a rewarding career since it assures 100% jobs that is satisfying both economically and intellectually. There is no dearth of jobs as animators, graphic designers, web designers, VFX artists, lighting artists, rigging artists, game designers, etc. Employment can be found in the entertainment, media, advertising, printing and other related fields. There is a need for people from all levels of expertise – beginners, as well as experienced professionals, are all welcome in this vast field.

The placement cell at Animaster has dedicated members who work relentlessly to find suitable jobs for all their graduating students.

Sneak Peek into the course details

Course: Diploma in Animation
Duration: 3 years
Hours: 4 hours of intense training and practice sessions, Monday to Friday.
Modality: On-site in Bangalore
Admissions: As per batch availability
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  • Face-to-face training
  • Individual attention and development
  • 100% practical guidance
  • Teaching team formed by active professionals
  • Practices in production perspective
  • Small groups in classrooms with graphic tablets


Our goal for the students is to acquire the skills and technical knowledge and be able to carry out professional 2D and 3D animation projects, from the College for animation in India. You will work and define your criteria of graphic and conceptual development, building your style and personality. You will work both pre-production and production as post-production so that you internalize the work processes employed in professional studies.

Career Opportunities

There are various avenues available to people who study animation. Among these, television and film animation has had a constant draw, opening up opportunities for CG animators, modelers, and lighters, as well as animation directors. Web cartoons are steadily increasing in popularity, enabling graduates in the field to function as web designers and manufacturers, as well as having a service or as independent consultants.

There are a list of career options you can opt for after your completion of the course.

  • Production manager
  • Production coordinator
  • Concept artist
  • Concept designer
  • Character designing
  • Prop designing
  • Storyboard artist
  • Animation director
  • Animation team lead
  • Keyframe animator
  • Layout designer/ artist

And the list goes on!

Why Animaster?

Personalised Learning

Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

Trusted content

Created by experts, Animaster Academy’s library of trusted, standards-aligned practice and lessons covers the syllabus that helps students build a strong foundation in the field of education.

Tools to empower teachers

With Animaster College, teachers can identify gaps in their students’ understanding, tailor instruction, and meet the needs of every student.
Hence providing them with quality education so they can excel in the industry.

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