6 things you didn’t know about a Career in Graphic Design

Each one of us has that typical “go-to” friend, whom we ask for help, be it with a with a logo, print for the team’s shirts, a chart or cardboard of a school project, design of a stamp, or cover for a love letter. If you are that friend, because ‘Everything you do, looks good’, then a career in graphic design may be for you. Would you like to opt for a Graphic Designing degree in Bangalore ? To help you decide if this is the best option for you, read the fun facts prepared just for you.

1. The heart of design is to communicate

A designer’s objective goes beyond aesthetics. His/her work not only involves the action of creating an image, but it also is an intellectual, analytical, and deductive process. Through this, he/she understands the message to be transmitted, as well as the target audience, and, with the knowledge of design he/she has, decides what to design.

3. Not all designers know how to draw

4. With a single logo, a designer could stay forever

The most expensive logo in history cost $ 1.28 billion dollars. What could you buy with that money? Or, better yet, how long could you live without going back to work? Exactly! A single logo can give you financial freedom, however, you need to have done a lot of work before, make an effort to improve your designs, and know how to find opportunities to make yourself known. But, yes, at some point you could create the design that feeds you.

5. There can be no companies that don’t require a designer

Think of a company. Now, ask yourself: Does it have a logo? Do you have an image to represent it? Surely the answer is- yes. Any legally established business has a logo and has someone create it. While some are not made by designers, the best ones certainly have the work of a design expert behind them.

6. A designer can work on his/her own terms, have flexible work timings

For designers, work comes in all formats, whether employed in an office or as a freelancer. Working as a freelancer is very common, especially now, with the ease of communicating, wherever and whenever you want, from your computer. A designer can have projects as a freelancer and do them at the time of their choice, with no set working timings. But this type of “flexi-work” mode definitely requires a lot of discipline and professionalism.

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