Career options – What can I do after BSC Animation? 


We have come a long way in technological advancements and animation has made its prominent place in the evolving industrial world. Yet, an aspiring yet curious artist always asks -” What can I do after Bsc Animation?” A degree in animation prepares the candidates for industries that demand multimedia artists to work in animation, entertainment, designing, advertising and other sectors. It opens up a doorway of career opportunities for people who are passionate about giving life to their characters and stories with visual effects and technology. So, let’s dive in to know the career options in animation after a BSc animation degree

Why Choose BSc. Animation as a Career?

Why Choose BSc. Animation as a Career?

The field of animation has seen significant development in recent years. From just being a gateway to the entertainment industry, it has now widened its field to advertising, gaming, healthcare, education and even marketing. And this is one of the reasons why the global demand for animated content continues to grow creating a space for the need of applicants with a degree in BSc Animation and Multimedia. 

It gives them the platform to unleash their creativity and bring their imagination to life. Further, with the advancement and technology, the possibility for innovation and exploration in the field is endlessly throwing up innumerous Animation and Vfx Jobs.

Animation and Vfx Jobs : Career Options after completing BSc in Animation

Are you clueless about what career options to go for after a BSc. in Animation? Are you asking yourself, What can I do after BSc Animation ? Here are some of the Animation and Vfx job paths for those who are either pursuing or have completed their BSc. in Animation :

1. Animator 

The first career option you can go for is being an animator. The job of an animator extends to various fields and industries. 

  • The responsibility of an animator is to create illusions of movement or lifelike images that seem to be living and breathing. 
  • They work on creating a series of images which when brought together give the illusion of movement along with working on 3D and 2D models.

2. Character Designer

Don’t we all love the characters of Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry? The creation of such lovable and realistic characters is the work of a character designer. 

  • As a character designer, you have to create crucial characters that can connect with the audience and fit into their memory and heart. 
  • You will have to focus on drawing, visual designing, appearance, personality and training in artistic and technical fields for character development. 

3. Storyboard Artist 

Animation is not only about designing the graphics and character but it is also about strong script and screenplay that too in visual representation.

  • As a storyboard artist, you will have to work in the composition of the narrative with drawings to create a series of illustrations that narrate a story. 
  • You will have to work with directors and animators to plan the scenes and smooth transitions, working on creating shots, sequences, etc. For example, anime creation.

4. 3D Modeler 

Can you recall yourself watching a 3D movie? The demand for 3D animation has increased a lot in numerous industries like advertising, film and even gaming. 

  • As a 3D Modeler, you will have to work on creating lifelike three-dimensional characters and surroundings with the use of specialized software.
  • It requires you to have an understanding of lighting, physics, anatomy and other lifelike features to create realistic images to work in the gaming industry or studios. 

5. VFX Artist 

Visual effects have a great impact on how a design is perceived. As a VFX artist, your work will be to create digitally-generated imagery. 

  • Your work will have to enhance the live-action effects with the use of computer-generated photoreal images in feature films, consoles and online games.
  • The work will require expertise in the use of the latest technology and other digital devices so that you can create and do seamless integration. 

6. Motion Graphics Artist 

Aren’t we always amused by the visual or graphic effects used in a game or movie or even in an advertisement? This is the work of a motion graphics artist. 

  • A motion graphics artist has to design graphic or visual content to convey or provide visual interaction, and engagement and captivate the audience.
  • With knowledge in animation, you can create animated graphics and designs that incorporate storytelling and After Effects and work in advertising, and design industries. 

7. Game Designer 

The gaming industry has gone under a dynamic shift with an increase in the demand for game designers who create seamless visually engaging games with no glitches. 

  • As a game designer, you have to work on designing the gameplay and creating techniques to provide an interactive experience in video games. 
  • You have to work on character animation, the design of the environment, and the visual effects of the game so that it can instantly engage the audience.
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The BSc animation and Vfx colleges in Bangalore, like Animaster Design College, equip you with the skills and knowledge in the field of animation which is necessary to thrive in this industry where there is a requirement for creative and technical roles. Animation and Vfx jobs are aplenty, as this is a very rapidly-growing field that encompasses many industries.

No matter whether you choose the path of being an animator, character designer, VFX artist, Storyboard artist, or Game designer, the BSc in Animation and Vfx degree provides you endless opportunities to express your artistic innovation, imagination and creativity.


  1. How can I break into the animation industry?

To break into the animation industry you need to build your profile in a manner that shows your skills. Build a strong portfolio and showcase your technical strengths. Research your dream job and create targetted applications. Further, try to initiate projects with other artists and network with professionals, engage with animation communities, along with staying updated with the latest trends. Stay passionate and persevering.

  1. What skills are employers looking for in animators?

The skills that employers usually look for in animation are proficiency with animation software and technology, creativity, storyboard skills, motion graphics, VFX skills, drawing skills, collaboration skills, designing, graphics, game designing, etc. Some of the best animation colleges in Bangalore that are affiliated with accredited universities will provide you with these much-needed skills.

  1. Is further education necessary for a successful animation career?

Having a bachelor’s degree in animation from a government animation college gives you a solid foundation, however, with further education, you can get specialized training and gain a master’s degree to enhance your knowledge, skills and experience. It provides you with more in-depth training. Add up specialization in core topics with certification and diploma courses, to enhance your skills.

  1. What are the salary expectations for animators?

The salary of animators depends on various factors like their experiences, location, skills and the industry they are working in. The are innumerous Animation and Vfx jobs , where the average salary of an animator is usually INR 87,600 per month. It can range from INR 30,000 – INR 6,00,000 in India. A graduate degree in Bsc animation and multimedia from a reputed university, has more weightage in the industry, considering that the student has undergone a rigorous course in various animation subjects.

  1. How important is networking in the animation field?

Networking is very essential in the field of animation and Vfx as it not only helps you build connections, and discover job opportunities but also helps you stay informed about industrial developments. Further, it fosters trust and value and adds to your career advancement.

  1. Can I work as a freelancer in animation?

Working as a freelancer in the animation industry can be a good start for your career. It will help you not only hone your skills but also gain experience. There are several freelance animation and vfx jobs required by clients and one needs to impanel on Freelance sites like Upwork, Guru, Fiverr, Freelancer etc Further, you can work as a freelancer and provide service to different studios, agencies, and other clients.