Know How the Right Animation Courses After 12th, Can Kickstart Your Creative Journey

Why are Industry connections and Networking Opportunities Important for Aspiring Animators?

Getting into animation courses after 12th, lets you begin your creative journey at an early age. This is an excellent chance to develop your talent in storytelling and visual art, and during the process, you can become skilled in facets like Drawing for animation, Storyboarding, Character design, Layout design, Animation Production pipelines, Animation film making and eventually gain proficiency in CG soft-wares.

With your artistic talent and a little extra effort, you can turn your imagination into seriously cool animations! By taking on projects that challenge you and learning new skills, you’ll be able to create unique characters and stories that stand out from the crowd.

Aspiring Animators can opt for any of the below Animation Courses after 12th. Each option caters to individual preferences, career goals and the commitment of time that the student is willing to give in order to choose a pathway that best suits their aspirations in the dynamic field of animation.

UG University Affiliated Degree in Animation :
> Offers a comprehensive and structured curriculum covering various aspects of animation. Degrees are awarded with a nomenclature of BVA, BA or Bsc in Animation or Bsc in Multimedia
> Provides a deeper understanding of animation theory, history and technical skills.
> Typically spans over three to four years, leading to a bachelor’s degree from an affiliated and Top Animation College
> Equips students with a broader knowledge base and academic credentials recognized by employers and institutions globally.

Long Term, Career-Oriented Diploma in Animation courses :
> Focuses on practical skills and industry-specific training for immediate employability. The Diploma in Animation after 10th, is open to those who have completed their 12th too
> Offers specialized tracks in areas such as Diploma in Animation and Multimedia after 10th , Diploma in Animation and Vfx, 2D animation, 3D modeling, Character design,VFX etc.
> Duration ranges from one to three years, providing intensive training and portfolio development.
> Suitable for students seeking hands-on experience and a faster entry into the animation industry.

Short Term Skill-Based Certificate in Animation Courses:
> Designed for individuals looking for quick skill enhancement or career advancement.
> Covers specific software tools, techniques, or niche areas within animation.
> Typically completed within a few months to a year, the Animation courses after 10th offer flexibility for working professionals or students with time constraints.
> Ideal for supplementing existing qualifications or acquiring specialized skills in a shorter time frame.

Why are Industry Connections and Networking Opportunities Important for Aspiring Animators?

How a Strong Foundation in Animation After 12th Can Open Doors to Diverse Opportunities?

Industry relationships and networking platforms mean a lot to young animators, because professional knowledge, contacts and collaborations, as well as good job chances, can be obtained.

You can grow your network through contacts with professionals and also attend industry events which will get you to learn from experts. It will keep you in the know about trends and also serve as a platform to exhibit your talent and works. 

Last but not least, effective networking can create sure-fire internships, collaborations, as well as full-time employment at studios or organizations of great repute.

How can Animation courses after 12th facilitate networking and Industry Exposure?

  • Internship Opportunities: Along with animation studios and companies, industry connections help find internships and make opportunities available to the students to network with the industry and prospective employers.
  • Guest Lectures and Workshops: Seniors in the animation industry, regularly offer guest lectures, workshops and master classes to the students in a way that students establish good rapport with them and can expand their networks among the attendees.
  • Industry Visits and On-Campus Recruitments: Animation programs facilitate student opportunities by means of studio visits and ensure students participate in recruitment drives by the top companies on campus.
  • Student Clubs and Events: Animation clubs, contests and events are venues wherein the students showcase their work, come to know industry professionals, and even build their professional contacts and peer network.

How a Strong Foundation in Animation Courses After 12th, Can Open Doors to Diverse Opportunities

How a Strong Foundation in Animation After 12th Can Open Doors to Diverse Opportunities?

If you have a solid grasp of the elements of your Animation course after 12th, you can be well-versed in a diverse demonstration of skills that can fetch many honorable careers. From a role in films and TV shows to recently emerging industries like virtual reality and video gaming, you will find new employment areas for the implementation of your animation abilities. 

Animation courses after 12th, offer tons of career options. You learn how to make cartoons and video games, using both old-school drawing and modern computer tools. If you love telling stories and being creative, these courses are perfect for you. Plus, animation isn’t just for fun – it’s used in ads, education, and even healthcare. With animation skills, you can work on commercials, teaching materials, or even medical training tools. The demand for animators is growing fast, so learning animation after 12th grade gives you a head start in finding cool jobs. It’s worth investing in your education now because it opens up lots of doors to different jobs you might not have thought about.

Remember, learning animation isn’t just about cool cartoon characters! It teaches you valuable skills like creativity, problem-solving, and storytelling. These skills are like superpowers that can help you land awesome jobs in all sorts of exciting places. Think movies, TV shows, even video games and virtual reality! Animation is opening doors to brand new careers, and with the right training, you’ll be ready to step through them.

What Opportunities Await After Completing Courses in Animation After 12th?

  • Careers in Animation Studios: Completing courses in animation after 12th, can lead to roles such as character animator, where you breathe life into characters, storyboard artist, where you sketch out the scenes, or concept artist or Visualizer, where you visualize ideas for projects or Illustrator where you conceptualize and sketch characters or Backgrounds for the film.
  • Freelance Work: They may choose to do freelance projects, and as such, they can offer their services to different clients, where they can get exposure to and obtain various experiences. As an animator, you have the flexibility to work on your own time, ranging from small businesses needing promotional animations to larger companies requiring specialized animations for their products or services. Pick an Animation Course after 12th, that focuses on a multi-skill output.
  • Gaming Industry: There are exciting gaming careers here, like Game designer Game Artist, Character animator, Level designer, or game tester which can fit you well if you have the passion, apart from emerging fields like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) animation. There are several Animation Courses after 12th, that are focussed only on Gaming with specialization in specific game-related areas.
  • Advertising and Marketing Industry: Great versatility and animation skills are the most prioritized in advertising companies. Animation skills are highly sought after in advertising, where you could create animated commercials that catch people’s attention, design marketing materials with eye-catching animations, develop interactive advertisements for digital platforms, create explainer videos or even interactive websites.
  • Film and Television Industry: In the realm of film and television, animation skills are invaluable for roles such as visual effects artist, where you add digital elements to live-action footage, or motion graphics designer, where you create dynamic graphics and animations for titles, credits and informational sequences. The right Animation course after 12th, will give you the desired skills required to achieve this.
  • Education: Animation can be a powerful tool for education. With the skills gained after your Animation course after 12th, you could design educational animations that explain complex concepts visually and engagingly or develop e-learning materials that make learning fun and interactive.
  • Healthcare and Medical Industry: Work in the healthcare industry: Animation is increasingly used in healthcare for purposes such as medical simulations for training healthcare professionals, creating patient education materials to explain medical procedures or conditions visually, or developing animations for pharmaceutical companies to showcase their products.
  • Start-up: Possibility of starting your animation studio or production company: With the skills acquired from an animation course, you could venture into entrepreneurship by starting your animation studio, where you have the creative freedom to work on projects that inspire you and collaborate with other talented individuals in the industry.
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Q1. Which degree is best for animation after 12th?

Ans. To be able to attend animation courses, students are generally expected to have been successful at completing their 12th education and passed a certain threshold score on subjects such as art or computer science. Some institutes may also require a basic understanding of drawing or design principles.

Q2. What is the eligibility for animation courses after 12th ?

Ans. Animation or multimedia courses which usually start right after matriculation take about 3-4 years to complete, provide in-depth training on different aspects of animation from simple design techniques, sophisticated software, narration (story-telling), and portfolios (for briefing employers.

Q3. Animation courses after 12th are for how many years?

Ans. An Animation course after 12th, typically last 3-4 years, providing students with a thorough understanding of animation principles, software proficiency and creative storytelling techniques to prepare them for professional roles.

Q4. How difficult is animation?

Ans. Animation might be hard, but it’s a wonderfully complex course that involves an amalgamation of artistic creativity, technical skills, and patience. Yet, with a focused effort, continuous practice, as well as a proper training process, it is possible to gain an acceptable level of proficiency.

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