Bachelor of Visual Art

When choosing a university career, in addition to analyzing your interests, talents and goals, you must also consider what the demands for your career are. Therefore, today we will talk about the Bachelor of Visual Art BVA Degree in Animation & Multimedia Design, an academic option that responds to current needs. That said, if you are looking for advice to boost your professional and personal growth, studying this prestigious degree in animation can be an excellent option for you.

Bachelor of Visual Art

Personal & Professional Requirements

1. Creativity

Creativity is one of the key aspects when one talks about design, be it digital or traditional. Students and professionals who choose a career in animation should be able to create and invent new things. So if your imagination flies, especially when planning or making drawings and other compositions, this degree is ideal for you. Besides, it is important that, even if you are organized, you can improvise.

2. Tilt by technology

Flexible attitude towards the new trends and technological tools that arise is another element to shine in this profession. The student will have to be in constant learning mode, as a career in animation is dynamic and diverse.

3. Ability to work in a team

This is another significant trait of the entry profile of this interesting degree. The ability to work in teams is essential in the field of communication, especially in areas related to design. In the processes of producing visual and audiovisual messages, the contribution of different professionals and specialists is required, who must work under unified parameters and complement each other. The same happens with the practical exercises of the career that will require you to complement yourself with your classmates to build an excellent final result.

Additionally, you must also have the ability to understand and execute instructions. In case of a university, you must understand the guidelines that professors provide about a design project and comply with them, at the same time you should be able to add your stamp to each composition.

As for the labor field, you will have to stick to the needs and demands of your clients; although that does not mean that your opinions cease to be valuable during the process of planning a message.

4. Orientation to excellence

In addition, to develop your orientation to excellence you have to propose to learn every day. For example, you can take some hours eventually to study, from a technical point of view, the highest-grossing digital animation films in history. That will help you identify the best practices and methodologies when making animation projects.

5. Ability to work under pressure

All right! You already know 5 of the main features of the entry profile of this excellent degree.

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Do you want to know about some of the subjects that you will study in this academic option?

Animation is a vast industry. There are countless opportunities for passionate and skilled artists and animators alike. Interestingly, even with the ever-advancing technology, 2D animation drawing hasn’t lost its sheen. Even today skilled artists with a good knowledge of 2D are sought after by studios all over the world.

Course Curriculum

1. Animation

2. VFX

3. Infographic workshop

Infographics are one of the pillars of digital and traditional design. For that reason, it is important that you master this informative visual representation technique. Luckily, this degree will help you achieve it, specifically through the infographic workshop. It is a matter of practical approach that will teach you to manage graphics, symbols and linguistic signs to explain topics easily and quickly.

Keep in mind that, although previously the infographics were mainly applied in print media, nowadays they are also common in electronic platforms such as online brochures, web pages, and social networks.

4. Video Production and Editing

5. Management Skills

Regardless of the academic option a person chooses, your university must provide you with leadership tools. For this reason, in your curriculum, you will study subjects related to management skills. This will include methodologies, techniques, and principles of business leadership. You can also find in your academic program other subjects oriented to the management activity of organizations and departments, such as Development and Project Management.

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