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In the last decade, a large number of new university careers have emerged, as is the case for example of product design. Product design is a multidisciplinary profession that consists of composing  new objects capable of satisfying any consumer needs. A product designer is dedicated to devising and coming up with new objects in order to satisfy one or more functional or aesthetic needs of consumers.

For the generation of new objects, with optimized and functional designs, a graduate of Product Design has the capability in addition to an intense capacity for interpretation of needs, has extensive knowledge of the materials and the particularities that make them useful for one purpose or another.

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So, what does a career in product design look like?

Since the task of a product designer will have to do with the entire production process of a certain object, the career in product design will provide a general overview of all the stages involved in these manufacturing routes, instructing on the decisions and orders that, from the place of professional must be taught at each stage.

The main focus of the race is on the training for mass production of products that serve to simplify the lives of many people.

Those who opt for this option will be immersed in a multidisciplinary career that will lead them to study subjects such as product design, mathematics, technical drawing, manufacturing technology, design history, marketing, production planning, physics, marketing, industrial organization, among many others. Unlike what happens with other careers, those who decide to train in this industry will have a wide career. Not only do they have the opportunity to work independently with individual or company orders, but they can also join the technical team of a company or different design agencies.

Developing a product that convinces the public will be the key to keeping your job, it will also be a career in which you will seldom feel overwhelmed by the routine.

“A Product Design Career instructs in everything related to the creation of functional, aesthetic products that respond to a specific purpose.”

Everything that has to do with aesthetics, functionality, available budget and even the subsequent commercialization area has to be contemplated at the time when the industrial design proposals are prepared and that is why it is also promoted already from the career, teamwork for the multidisciplinarity that is known will have to face during the professional performance.

So there are many and varied subjects that are studied throughout the 4 or 5 years of training. Starting from Mathematics, Physics and Technical Drawing, you learn everything that has to do with materials, manufacturing processes, available technologies, and design both current and from a historical perspective. Training is received in everything that has to do with wrapping or packaging, the criteria, and forms of planning and marketing and marketing.

What are the functions of a Product Designer?

The development of ideas is the main activity that a product designer has to perform as part of his daily performance. This first approach must be able to be translated on paper through a drawing or can be expressed through computer design programs like Advance AutoCAD, etc.

Dialogue and exchange with the client are essential because of its need will lead to the development and the understanding that is achieved, the design will be more or less effective. The task continues with the preparation of a production plan in which aspects such as production time, materials, processes, procedures, and costs begin to be contemplated.

The connection may not be direct but the product designer may also be part of the meetings that the marketing area has for the promotion, dissemination, and entry into the market of the products. And in the same way, you will also have to be present during the series manufacturing process of the product that you have designed to make sure that the proper conditions with which the product was thought and conceived are met.

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Student Profile of the Product Design Degree

You like creativity and design as well as everything related to the creation of pieces, machinery or even art may have been (or are) part of your life. These characteristics bring you closer to the profile of those who are inclined to study product design, but you can also recognize yourself in some of these aspects:

  • Curious Spirit
  • Opening to new ideas.
  • Research capacity
  • Restlessness about the way things work.
  • Taste for drawing.
  • Facility for Exact Sciences.
  • Search for functionality in your surroundings.
  • Taste for multidisciplinary work.
  • Interest in production processes.
  • “I want to study the product design degree because it presents a perfect combination of design, art, and architecture, with a special emphasis on creativity.”

  • Taste for the challenges.
  • Search for improvement.
  • Interest in aesthetics and perspective.
  • Synthesis capacity.
  • Ease of communication.
  • Interest in constant improvement.
  • Skills for manual work

Advantages of Studying Product Design

The breadth of knowledge that is received during the race makes it possible to work in various sectors of the industry. The need for innovation nowadays for the supply of the market from a creative phase means that more and more industrial designers are needed in the production lines of the industries. Your ideas can lead you to the elaboration of really successful products with which you will be greatly recognized as well as gain professional prestige. With all the knowledge that you have acquired, you can work anywhere in the world since each project is usually unique and needs a particular investigation when it begins to be developed. Many product design courses are helping students to understand the concept of designing by training programs. Due to the advancement of technology in both materials and production processes, you will always be in training so that your knowledge will not be outdated.

Disadvantages of Studying Product Design

As a disadvantage, you should keep in mind that it is a long and complex career, but besides, many times your ideas will be conditioned by economic and technical factors. Creativity is indispensable but not the only resource you will use because it is not art that you have to create but functional objects that respond to specific needs. That is why, in some cases, you will have to limit your creativity depending on the plans you have.

In which sectors and companies do a Product Designer work?

A graduate of product design can work independently generating designs that he then offers to brands or companies that may require them. There is also the possibility of working in a dependency relationship within a company, in the production department collaborating to shape new products or improving existing ones with value propositions.

Given that during the race, the knowledge of all the parties involved in the production of an object is efficiently assisted, there is the possibility of a work where the focus is focused on one of the stages with greater pre-eminence than on the others. This can lead to work exclusively in the field of graphic design, exercising strategic analysis, working product modeling or attending, for example, the phase linked to quality control.

With more experience within the industrial sector, the labor field is expanding as professionals can aspire to fill management or administration positions of companies linked to the industry in general.

How is a day in the life of a Product Designer?

If the product designer works in a dependency relationship for the productive departments of some companies, it is possible that his/her schedule to be fulfilled is an office and that the day starts early in the morning at which time meetings for the presentation of needs and probably will occur with a deed of new ideas. The product designer has to make contact with several of the departments of a company because in their development the acquisition of the inputs, the budget or available financing, as well as the production line, converge.

An important moment of the working day will be dedicated to the generation of sketches either manually or computerized. After this task, the initiatives will be presented to be evaluated by the multidisciplinary group. Perhaps the workday of a product designer does not necessarily extend to his office, he gives enough time beneath the allotted to deliver a successful product.

Demand and Market of a Product Designer

The constant demand for innovation and functionality to reach the increasingly demanding market means that product designers are required in positions such as product management and development as well as design management.

The new product development research sectors also seek the broad and comprehensive look of a product designer who can pose his concentration even in the smallest details.

In many cases the high competitiveness relates to certain companies that, for a time, had led the market and, then, the effective work of product designers is sought so that they can reform and/or update products already existing in the market, promoting their use.

There are other cases in which the product designer projects his work from entrepreneurship that is usually linked to research and as a result of these processes results in the production of certain objects that he later seeks to place in the market through certain companies.

Product Design is a broad and intense creation tool as a career. It drives growth and everything that has to do with innovation in the product area. If you want to intervene with your ideas in the construction of a world that facilitates people’s lives, you are oriented to a good option for your training

If you are clear that this is the best professional option for you, then you just have to know where to study product design. Animaster College of Animation and Design offers a BVA Degree in Product Design. It is a 4-year university program. Animaster College of Animation and Design is affiliated to Bangalore Central University.

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