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The setting of a house or the setting up of a trade in which all the elements agree for a single purpose; It is all part of what you learn during the interior design degree courses where you are also instructed in what it has to do with measures, with functional combinations and with how to achieve effects by simply incorporating some details or modifying some variables present in the environment.

What is Interior Design as a career?

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Interior design as a career forms in the generation of an integral vision of the environment in terms of aesthetics so that, as a result of some decisions, it looks not only beautiful but also functional for the formerly agreed purposes. The courses in interior design teach how to combine shapes, textures, lighting, and colors while assimilating everything that corresponds to furniture and how it can be exploited to its fullest potential.

Since interior designers often collaborate in the development of plans, the interior design program also offers basic training in this discipline.

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“The Interior Design Career provides a comprehensive and global vision of all the issues that concern the creation of an environment from its functionality for life.”

The interior design course will also instruct in everything that has to do with human interpretation and its needs according to the circumstances in which it is immersed since the reading you make of your situation you will create according to the setting that you can produce at home or work.

Issues related to language, communication, and art, concern the curriculum of the interior design degree courses that depending on the field where you study can reach 3 or 4 years.

Once you have graduated with a degree in Interior & Spatial Design you will have acquired the ability to:

  • Analyze and intervene in the training and design that the environments and spaces present.
  • Distinguish the different building materials and their particular qualities.
  • Recognize the different lighting methods and acoustic properties that can be developed in the environments.
  • Interpret and reproduce graphics and representation languages ​​typical of interior design.
  • Understand how intelligent systems are developed in buildings.
  • Know the steps to follow in the implementation of new projects.
  • Distinguish the stages and processes that take place in the administration of funds for a project.
  • Project a design using computer techniques and the latest software.

What are the functions of an Interior Designer?

An interior designer can shape an environment so that it not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also responds to the requirement of the client. Good taste is usually decisive in professionals graduated from the interior design but it is not only of that quality from which it is based but of the combination of many other skills that are learned during the race and that have to do with the recognition and combination of materials, with the different colors and how objects or furniture should be placed within an environment so that they are functional.The Interior Designer’s task is based on an integral vision of an entire environment that does not only have to do with decoration as can usually be thought, but that decoration would be part of one of the dependencies of which the designer can have dominion and You have to take charge.The search for comfort is an aspect that the Interior Designer has to take into account in the decisions he/she makes but this goal is not reached at any price since he always works based on a budget and with certain variables that cannot leave to be measured in most cases.

As a Professional in Interior Design, you may be in charge of setting up an office or dependency from your conception so that you also have to work side by side with the team of architects providing knowledge about the best distribution of internal spaces in the time to execute the plan.

From the same side, many times the Interior Designer gives the final look to the constructions already made or about to be specified so that some issues of terminations that make the aesthetics purely said are modified.

Interior Design Student Profile

You have always been attracted to the details of an environment and have even traveled many places looking for that picture that was just the one that would give the energy you wanted to transmit. With a certain obsession with the right combination, you can define the profile of the Interior Design Student but you can also find that:

    • You like decoration
    • You have a fondness for design.
    • You enjoy beautiful environments.
    • You look for details.
    • You like the challenges.
    • You don’t get along with monotonous life.
    • You take advantage of every square inch with ideas of value.
    • You decorate everything that gets in your way.
    • You don’t take anything for granted if it doesn’t have your final touch.
    • You enjoy drawing.
    • You are creative

“I want to study the Interior Design Career because I not only like decoration but I also like to organize the environment so that it is comfortable.”

  • Analyze, synthesize and interpret the information.
  • You act with leadership.
  • Accounts with bargaining power.
  • You know how to work in a team.
  • Your link with technology.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • You promote actions with initiative.
  • You carry an objective judgment.
  • You are looking for equity and sustainable development.
  • You have a restless soul and in search of change.

Advantages of Studying the B.Sc./BVA Degree in Interior Design

You will have an imprint and a style with which they will recognize you and by which they will summon you for certain projects. You will become an expert when it comes to space optimization.It is one of the careers that have been gaining the greatest flight in recent years due to the arrival of many new materials and the aesthetic search that precedes other issues, resulting in the enjoyment and satisfaction of the general population. You do not have to immerse yourself in an office schedule if you do not want it and you will always be in touch with diverse environments that will help you expand your look and your mind.

Disadvantages of Studying the Interior Design

Many times you do not have intermediate points and you must add several stages of creation until you see the final result that may not be pleasant for your client.You will have to be constantly updated with the fashion of international atmospheres because the demand for innovation is usually firm. In certain cases the clients will ask you impossible that you will have to try to log in to leave them satisfied and then your inventiveness will gain a fundamental role.

In which sectors and companies does an Interior Designer work?

The most classic job opportunity for the Interior Designer is to work independently as a freelancer, offering services to various clients who will be accustomed to workspaces, domestic or both.

However, although autonomous work is the most common in this type of profession, it is not ruled out that many interior designers can work in a dependency relationship in Architecture or Design studies sharing the tasks with other construction professionals.

With less presence, spaces such as museums or artistic fields may require the vision of an interior decorator for the creation of scenery or settings to certain paintings.

The most radical difference will be found in the case that you work in a dependency relationship or autonomously. However, in any case, your day may not start too early because as long as what you have to set is linked to people, you cannot demand an early morning visit. Your day will be very different if the setting you have to do in a fair stand since in this case you are probably against the usual schedule when people arrive at the stand since you will have to see very early or the night before already.

In any case, your task always begins with the presentation of the space from which you have to put together a design. You will take note of the needs and functionality that will be given to the site. You can at that time already have some idea of ​​the materials to use and see if they are approved or not, or else, this task will have to be done later.

In the design decisions, you will have to get in touch with the suppliers of the objects you are going to use and with whom they will do the staging when the time comes.

It may not be just a matter of one day but if with the late afternoon you failed to gather all the elements you need for decoration, the next morning will have this task as privileged.

With the creation of the space you planned, your task ends and surely with this action, another project is already underway.

Demand and market of the Interior Design

The scope of work as an Interior Designer covers private homes, companies, public institutions and even transitory spaces such as the setting of stands at fairs.

With all the information that arrives through the magazines or the Internet, Interior Design is increasingly demanded to create unique sensations in domestic environments or in workspaces where the propagation of energy seems to be a search that with the Decoration can be achieved.

The aesthetic has been gaining ground and that presence also favors the search for designers that make the environments look as beautiful, modern and functional as it could have been sought, a while ago in a simple wardrobe.

Interior Design is a very creative profession which has vast possibilities for the future. If this is what excites you then grab a degree. Learn and explore the on-demand career.

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