Can You Be An Interior Designer?

Interior Design allows you to use your creativity and good taste to give a home, an institution, or a company its personality. If design and decoration are your strengths, this may be your career.

Why should I study to be an Interior Designer?

What is Interior Design about?

What tasks does an Interior Designer perform?

What are the job opportunities for an Interior Designer?

  • One of the most common outlets is working independently, designing spaces at the request of private clients.
  • You can also do it in a dependent relationship, within a design studio or an architectural studio.
  • You can work in the field of a museum or any cultural institution, in the design of an exhibition or scenography.

Events such as product launches or large business meetings also often require the work of an Interior Designer. Those are just some of the possibilities that this career offers you in terms of employment.

What is studied in Interior Design?

Advantages of Studying Interior Design:

  • It is one of the fashionable and exciting careers in recent years, which increases the places of study, the quality of it, and the job opportunities. Animaster provides both long term and short term courses in interior designing. BVA Degree in Interior and Spatial Design is one of the best.
  • It is one of the design careers that gives you more knowledge.
  • Job opportunities are varied and wide, allowing you to adapt to different circumstances. It is also one of the highest-paid career options
  • Many people are successful in this profession through self-employment.

Disadvantages of Studying Interior Design:

As we always say with non-traditional careers, you should be cautious when choosing your place of study, since many institutes don’t provide a recognized degree or certification.

The combination of achieving greater aesthetics, comfort, and functionality with limited resources can make you find yourself carrying out extremely complex jobs, in which you can achieve success, only if you have the required creative skills.

Fun Fact: One of the most innovative Interior Design studios in the world is the Japanese studio 07Beach. One of the most creative projects in recent times is a dog ladder inside the home. Although it implies dedicating an important space to its use, it is extremely practical, since, as you know, the steps usually have a special height and are strictly respected. In this case, the shape and height of the steps are specially designed for the perfect adaptation of man’s best friend, a dog!

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