3D Animation

3D animation is a computerized process used by animators to give the feeling of movement through the creation of sequences of 3d still images. You have heard about it, haven’t you? Let’s go back to the beginning. Animation has its origin in the Latin “Anima” and whose meaning is “Soul”. Therefore animating means giving soul to a character or an object so that it seems to come to life, think and act for itself.

What is the need for 3d Animation?

Techniques and Types of 3d Animation

There are countless animation styles, as many as 3d artists in the world. Since art is, ultimately, interpretation, each studio and each animator can set a series of rules and choose the most appropriate techniques to define a type of animation.

This decision may have its origin for artistic or budgetary reasons. However, broadly speaking, there are 3 main types of 3d animation; Realistic, Cartoon and Snappy and the most common is to find hybrids that define the personality or style of each studio or in each movie. Here we explain them all with examples.

Realistic 3d animation

3d animation cartoon

In this case, the technique is completely manual, that is, the animation is created by animators. You will find some good examples of the same in movies like Angry Birds and Ugly Dolls.

Snappy 3d Animation

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The Snappy-style 3D Animation is actually an exaggerated and simplified version of Cartoon Animation. The use of principles as an animation style taken to the extreme, with very marked timings and spacing. And a much more pronounced use of stretching, crushing, and exaggeration. You will find a good example of Snappy animation in the reel of the animator Jorge Viagra, used in large productions. I also include the famous animated short The food thief.

The origin of 3d Animation

In 1972 young Edwin Catmull (Ed Catmull) and Fred Parke created the first 3D Animation. 3d Animation came at a time when traditional animators were witnessing the end of a great era. Increasingly, the general public began to value a tool on which no one would think that an empire could be built.

3d Animation Programs

Currently, there is a multitude of 3d animation programs, which take more or less prominence, depending on the standards set by the animation industry. Although they are built to create almost any animation, each software is usually classified according to the type of production (characters, 3dfx situations, motion graphics) or the industry (Cinema, video games, virtual reality, etc.).

Some of the most used programs for the production of 3D Animation (updated to 2020) are: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Motion Builder, Modo, Houdini, and Marvelous Designer.

If you want to know more about the origin of the following article, we will tell you everything about The History of 3D Animation.

Courses related to 3D animation 

To become a real professional in the field of 3D animation, certain aspects are required for an animator to be considered. To become a professional animator and provide great 3D animations on a great level, you have to have an animation degree, and you can get the degree from BSc Animation and VFX Colleges in Bangalore.  

Some great courses in Animation College in Bangalore are

These courses can help a student to become a real professional in 3D animation, and also if you are searching for Graphic Design Classes then you can get it in the best colleges in Bangalore. 


Ques: What is 3D animation and how is it different from 2D animation?

Ans: There are some differences between 2D animation and 3D animation. With the 3D animation, it is used for creation for 3D imaging and movements. With the 2D animation is used for creation of flat 2d images along with drawings. The 3D animation has depth, perspective and realism. 

Ques: What are the benefits of learning 3D animation from Animaster?

Ans: From a deep and comprehensive curriculum to the industry experts teaching you, with Animaster you will learn from the best of the best for animation and other courses. 

Ques: What are the career opportunities for 3D animators in India and abroad?

Ans: There is a big array of opportunities for the 3D animators from the film industry to animation to video gaming and advertising. Also in the medical and architecture field the animators can work too. 

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