Why Interior Designing is an Exciting and Promising Career Choice?

Why is interior design a good career?

Let us start by answering a very basic question of what an interior designer does? Or what is the work of an interior designer? How to become an interior designer? An interior designer is a professional who aims at designing the interiors of a person’s house. But the job is not as easy as it sounds. An interior designer is accountable for all the artistic values that can be added in a home with the right balance of convenience and beauty. It includes furnishing that will be present in the house and how to place them correctly so that, it enhances the space in the room also making it pleasing to the eyes. He/she has to make the best out of the space that will be given to them for work. The plan in the room will also be affected by the amount of sunlight the room will be receiving, fresh air, color scheme of the room and also the furnishings. Also keeping in mind that there is no compromise in the comfort of the place. If you are really interested in learning about interior designing, then surely you can look for a Bsc visual communication degree.

So when does an interior designer step into work?

Does this depend on when the client wants an interior to step in? Yes, indeed it is when the client wants to involve the interior designer. Maybe at the time of designing the blueprint for space or after the completion of space/building. It totally depends on when the client wants an interior designer to get involved.

An interior designer also ought to have few ideas and knowledge of architecture. If the designer is involved from the beginning then he/she will be accountable for the placement of doors, windows and also in-built furniture such as wardrobes, bookshelves, bed and so on. The designer’s purpose is to find out what the demands of the space or room are and then list down the furnishing which is necessary and which is not. Too much of everything in the space might create a bit of a mess.

While designing, the designer will also consider and observe the amount of natural light present in the room. This will help them understand the quality and quantity of artificial light required to make the room bright. Aspects as fresh air also play a role while considering the design of a room. The designer also has to select the color scheme of a room. A piece of thorough knowledge of the color wheel is required so that, it is easy to select the right color or theme for a room. Understanding of factors like, when a small room is painted in deep colors it will make the room look smaller than it is, light colors are always suggested for small tiny space, is necessary.

There are designers who specialize in particular rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, also in a particular style such as Vastu-Shastra, feng shui, DIY or eco-friendly designs. Above all that, every optimization is considered keeping in mind the clients’ likings and also their budget. In the end, it is all about finding out what the client wants and advising accordingly.

How can someone do all that?

Well, a designer is called a designer because he/she has a mind that is creative and filled with imaginations which they can turn into a beautiful reality. An interior designer is expected to have a thorough knowledge of color schemes, materials like plywood, cloths, etc., and also a little bit of architecture. The cost of making the furniture, which material should be used for making it, which style is trending and many other factors are also kept in consideration. A designer will never force the client with their knowledge but customize according to the client’s taste and needs. Being a good communicator helps one become clear with all the expectations of the client and meet them satisfactorily.

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A designer is known for his/her uniqueness. Every interior designer has his/her own style and a unique way of tackling things. It is a wide field to play with. An interior designer will blend different styles to design a home for the clients.

After 10+2, you can directly go for interior design colleges. There are great colleges out there which have been providing courses for interior & spatial design. Subjects like furniture designing, ceramic and glass design, fundamentals of technical drawings are a part of these courses. Opting for a course of BVA or an interior design course will help you gather knowledge that you can apply.

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Interior designing is a wide field to explore, learn, and practice. If you think you can see yourself as an interior designer, search online for interior design courses and find the best colleges for interior design. Grab a BVA degree in interior design and have a great start to your career.

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