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The 10th standard and 12th standard is the period when one is at crossroads as to what to do in one’s life. Though after 10th, one may invariably take up Science as a course of study, due to the difficulty in Mathematics, a subtle antipathy starts to develop. Though one may derive joy in the drawings that are there as a part of Biology, an aversion would be there towards it as it is difficult to remember the technical details in either Botany or Zoology. Therefore, after high school academics, the stealthy tears stare the fizzy big QUESTION?

‘what next’

Animation can animate your career

At this point in time, if one is creative, the best course that one can pursue is ANIMATION. This is not just being able to draw and sketch. Put aside all stereotype academic streams, and pick up a course in Animation- the fastest growing industry one can surely make a career in animation. All that it takes is to have continued passion so that one can grab suitable opportunities upon completion of course.

Though one may have a creative bent of mind and have an inclination towards art, one will have to learn the ropes of animation through a steady process. Therefore, a basic course in 2D animation becomes necessary. Though this may be laborious and time consuming, upon mastery, one can quickly move to 3D animation. One may be tempted to pick suitable job opportunities one may come across. Yet it is advised to learn everything in totality so that one chooses the best among the vacancies that one would have come across.

What after completing a course in Animation?

Most of the times, one may join an animation course without doing any form of research about the kinds that are there in it. What we must realize that there are certificate and diploma courses that one can Best-Top-No1-Diploma-College-Bangalore-careerspursue. Apart from these two, one can enroll for a degree course as well. Whatever one may decide to pursue, one can surely make a career in animation. Usually one would have heard of a 2D and/or3D animator. Most of them would be aware of a Graphic designer whereas few would have heard of a Web designer/developer. Apart from these, there are many other job openings one can apply for upon completing an animation course.

These Include

  • In-between animator

  • Modeler

  • Layout artist

  • Background artist

  • Story Broad Artist

  • Clean- up Artist

  • Compositor

  • Special effect artist

  • Digital ink and paint artist

  • Key frame animator

  • Lighting artist

  • Image Editor

  • Texture Artist

  • Rigging artist

  • Motion Graphics Artist

  • After Effects Designer

  • Promotion Writer

  • Instructional Designer

  • After Effects Graphics Expert

  • 3d Artist

  • Environment & Prop Modeler

  • Forensic Animator

  • Voice writer

  • Digital colourist

  • VFX artist

If one is truly serious about animation as a career, it is advisable that one specializes in one among the following as one reaches the end of one’s course.

These Include

  • Character animation
  • Visual effects
  • Gaming
  • Character modeling
  • Mechanical animation
  • Lighting
  • Clay-mation
  • Texturing
  • Digital mixing

To let the reader know about some ‘trade secrets’

The following sectors are known to hire animators:

  • Theatrical Film and Animation companies
  • Special Effects Companies
  • Television Animation Studios
  • Gaming Companies
  • Advertising firms
  • Manufacturing companies

Having understood the vast scope in animation to make a career in the world of visual arts, there are some basic guidelines for an animator one needs to follow, thereby maximizing career opportunities in animation.

  • Enrolling for a professional course in this field (google out the best animation college)

  • Purchasing a high-end computer/laptop with an advanced graphic card, the recent software and some development tools
  • Ensure to apply to as many animation companies as possible
  • Display the practical skills that one has during the interview and test as per the employer’s need
  • Preparing a strong portfolio of work and all that one has learnt during one’s animation course

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