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Best Design College in Bangalore – Animaster

Designer Degrees. Creative Careers.

In our quest to be the best design school in Bangalore, India, we are driven by our philosophy of pampering Creativity and fostering a culture of Artistic freedom, while ensuring that our design courses are aligned with Industry expectations and our relentless and incessant application of the latest technologies in our Design labs.

Located in Bangalore, Animaster is a Design College that has been consistently recognized among the best and the top Design schools in India. If your search is for a Design College that offers a syllabus that is farsighted, comprehensive and ahead of its peers, guided by an accomplished and motivated faculty, on par with the best International Design schools in the World, we are on the same page.

Success @Animaster DESIGN SCHOOL, bangalore


With 20 years of experience, Animaster has been a pioneer as a top school of Design in Bangalore, India. Our highly successful Alumni are a testament that ranks us among the best design colleges in the world.


Bangalore provides easy access from all regions of the world, the best in technology, infrastructure and access to the best human resources,making it the ideal location for the students of our Design college in Bangalore, India.


Our curriculum is updated every year to ensure that we are in the same class as most design schools in the world. It is aptly designed to meet and surpass design industry standards and requirements.


We recognize that Creativity and Artistic expressions thrive in a Culture of openness that we encourage in our environment. We understand that ease of design communication with no inhibitions, is the key to success.


Bangalore is home to some of the leading Design firms in Animation Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design and industries that need resources qualified in design science. A galore of opportunities, just waiting to be tapped.


On par with the best Design schools in Bangalore, our classrooms offer both interactive and remote learning options. Our labs are fully equipped for modeling, our technology infrastructure is state of the art, and our VFX studio is an adventure.


As the best Design Institute in Bangalore, we draw on a team of dedicated, experienced and zealous instructors. A panel of professionals from the industry, share their real-time experiences with our students. Learning is made easy, yet cutting-edge.


As a School of Design that has successfully seen several batches of students pass out with flying colours, our Alumni are a source of inspiration and provide valuable guidance to our students. Networking with the Alumni is facilitated on a regular basis.


University Degree in Bachelor of Visual Arts – BVA

Warrior with weapons representing BVA degree in Animation

Art, animation, games & Vfx are the four most passionate subjects offered by our Bachelor of Animation and Game Design program. At our Animation College, You will learn how to create professional Animations, Visual Effects & Video games using various software. With these skills, you can be a leader in the animation, gaming & Vfx industry by choosing exciting careers at studios or working independently as well as creating your own games. The course is designed to promote your creativity while cultivating a lifelong love for Animation, Gaming & Vfx.

The Interior design degree prepares you for careers as interior designers, space planners , design consultants and related roles in architecture. Coursework in design principles, material, specifications, drafting, space planning and computer-aided design, make students well-rounded interior design professionals. You will be trained for skills in conceptualizing, planning and executing real-world interior design projects; collaborating with other designers and construction teams to work with creativity, innovation and professionalism.

Our Bachelors in Graphic Design Degree is focused on providing you a solid ground in design thinking, helping you learn the principles of design, color theory, typography, and composition, as well as expertise in software and tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and other industry-standard programs. You will study concepts such as branding, advertising, marketing and UI/UX. You will develop projects that demonstrate your understanding of these concepts and use your creative and technical abilities to create effective visual communication.


Your Design Degree comes to you from one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Asia, giving you that extra edge. Animaster’s affiliation with the Bangalore Central University for Design Degree courses is among the top 10 in the World, making us a leading government animation College in Bangalore. In Bangalore, Design Colleges recognized by the university adhere to rigorous standards and maintain annual regulatory compliance. The best Design Colleges in Bangalore, set a benchmark to not only meet but exceed these standards. Aligned with the National Education Policy (NEP), these guidelines ensure that universities deliver education effectively. Animaster Design Institute ensures quality University education at affordable fees.


Animation , Film & VFX

Animation , Film & VFX

Choose from a wide range of courses in 2D Illustration & cartoon drawing, 3D modeling, Animation, Rendering & lighting, Motion Graphics & VFX for film, TV & games at our Animation School. Learn latest software- Maya, Blender, Nuke, Houdini, After Effects, Animate, Toon Boom, Moho, TV Paint at our Animation Institute.

Game Design & Development

Game Art & Design

Do You love playing games? Join an exciting career by learning the Art & Design skills required to be a Game Artist in the videogame industry. Learn to use the latest gaming software of Unity, Unreal & Maya with the required skills for PC, Playstation & Xbox at our Gaming School, to create visually stunning game art assets that captivate players.

Interior Design

Interior Design

We offer full-spectrum education in the art & science of creating functional & aesthetic interior spaces for residential & office design. The curriculum at our Interior Design Institute, covers a wide range of design topics, using industry-standard software & tools, like AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3DSMax, Lumion & Adobe Creative Suite.

Graphic Design & Communication

Graphic Design & Communication

Express ideas through visual arts & graphics! Our Graphic Design Institute excels in visual communication & design, with a syllabus covering a wide range of topics in typography, color theory, digital illustration, branding & identity design, using
Adobe Creative Suite, to prepare you with a stunning Portfolio for professional practice.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

For all you hidden Picassos and Raja Ravi Varmas out there, learn and hone your skills in painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, video and film making, Immerse yourself in your own imagination and see them take a vibrant shape.

School & Kids

School & Kids

Our Young Designer Program (YDP) is creative and fun-filled, designed especially for young students to learn Animation and design in parallel with their schooling. Blending passion and necessity. Young minds can find the right balance here.

Corporate HR

Corporate Training

Working professionals with busy schedules, and time constraints, yet wish to pursue your passion, learn, polish and augment skills in animation and CG-Computer graphics, our expert trainers deliver them at your doorstep, onsite.

Online Courses

Online Courses

LFH- Learn from home! Get certified for a wide range of courses in Graphics, animation and drawing from the comfort of your home. Just Plug-in to your class and get going. Welcome to the Gen Z’s virtual world of learning!

“All the teachers are knowledgeable & friendly. They are always ready to help resolve our doubts. Extra classes & workshops are conducted for better understanding. The environment is vibrant. It really is the top design college in Bangalore. The classrooms are well equipped & well ventilated. We also have the best-equipped labs for Animation, Interior, Graphic, Vfx & Game Design, clean washrooms, canteen, lift, library & a parking lot. Glad to be a student of the best bangalore design school, Animaster “

“Our design college is crazy in terms of study and fun, awesome with highly knowledgeable and super cool faculties. Best learning atmosphere for talented students and one of the best design colleges in Bangalore. New learning experience each day. Infrastructure is also the best. I would recommend this design school to all those who want to pursue their career in this field of Animation, Interior, Graphic, Vfx and Game Design & development. Do join Animaster School of Design”

“All the teachers at Animaster are very good, friendly and highly knowledgeable. It is one of the only design colleges that provides top quality at very affordable fees. Our Teachers are always willing to help even after class hours. Our Bangalore Design School, Animaster also provides many opportunities apart from just academics. I have the freedom to voice my opinions and ideas. I am very happy to be in this top Design College and happy to have taken this decision to join Animaster ”


Why Animaster?

Animaster is one of the top Animation Colleges in Bangalore, India which is perfectly aligned to meet and exceed learners’ and industry expectations, to ensure a comprehensive Animation degree. Our Design Degree courses are cutting edge and all courses are accredited by the prestigious BCU University

Is Animation a good career?

Pitted as one of the most lucrative career choices in the world of Computer Graphics & digital entertainment, sky is the limit in the field of Bsc animation and Vfx.

What does an Animator do?

Lets his/her imagination run wild by creating 2D/3D models, drawings, sketches, designs characters, creates storyboards, CG images etc.

Do you need to be good at drawing skills to be an Animator

Drawing/sketching skills could be a plus, but not a necessity. If creativity, a bit of imagination and common sense are your fortes, then get trained in digital skills to do the rest of your job for you.

Who should join the course?

If you are a dreamer, naturally creative & imaginative with a passion to create stunning visual graphics, Bsc Animation and Vfx or Bsc Graphic Design degree or Bsc Viscom or BSc Interior Design is the most suitable career choice for you.

What are the job opportunities after completion?

Designers and Animators have a wide range of opportunities to work in industries such as entertainment (movies and television), Gaming, AI, Education, Advertising, Media, Architectural, Interiors and Digital Marketing

What is the eligibility for joining?

Technically, after completion of 12th or equivalent with a passion for design and creativity, one can join the BVA eq. Bsc Animation and Vfx degree or Graphic design Degree or Bsc in Viscom or Bsc in Inteiror Design

Does Animaster assist placement?

End-to-end assistance from imparting, recognizing, honing & shaping your passion and skills to ensuring you have a rock-solid career after your Design Degree, Animaster is with you throughout.

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