Importance of Animated Content on Social Networks

Today social networks are a very important point in content marketing and it is where one finds most of the information that he sees daily and this is not always in texts or images; Nowadays animation is a great source of information, not only for its content but also for the way it attracts the user’s attention, whether it be in long videos or GIFs that last less than 10 seconds and are played infinitely. Animation has become an integral part of marketing as it presents the message to the audience beautifully. Animaster College of Animation & Design is listed as one of the best animation colleges in Bangalore has always ensured to talk about topics that can help an applicant see the wide possibilities of a career option. We have tried and put all our efforts to give the best to our students.

The animation is highly valued today and can serve several things other than entertainment. It has vast opportunities and an on demand career for animators. Being listed as the best animation college in Bangalore has made us improve our system of education to the best as well. There are many types of informative animations such as political/social campaigns, corporate videos, commercials, among others, and it is an effective means of reaching the consumer or listener since data and information can be viewed simply and clearly without losing the visual impact and it causes.

This trend can be seen very clearly on the internet and television, as well as the use of different animation techniques, traditional 2D, motion graphics, 3D animation, stop motion, etc. Which can be used each on its own or combine several depending on the purpose of it.

The career in animation is big and there is no doubt why getting a degree in animation is important for young animators. These degree programs can help students know the areas where animation can be widely used.

Unlike other media such as images, photographs, texts, animations can have a greater impact, since in an audiovisual production you capture people’s attention not only by sight, but also by hearing, but this can be a double weapon because if one of these is not right or does not combine properly the result may not be entirely good, but if you combine good graphics with good music and/or sound design you can do things that people will not stop seeing as well as show them to other people.

This does not mean that using images, photographs and texts are not good, each of these means has its purpose and reason for being, it is up to each person to know when it is preferable to use which depending on the case since not all of them work the same for the same occasion.

On studying how important is visual content, we came to know that:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual content.
  • The brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text.
  • 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.
  • 46% of people say the website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning a company’s credibility.
  • Post with infographics grows traffic an average of 12% more than those without.
  • 700 Youtube videos are shared every minute.
  • Pinterest accounted for 3.6% of all referral traffic in 2012- more than Google+, YouTube & LinkedIn combined.
  • Photos on Facebook garner more interaction then texts, videos, and links.
  • Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them.
  • A consumer who watches a product video is 85% more likely to purchase that product.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, can once in a while be tough to explain something complex. You can’t expect users to devote 100% of their interest to expertise what you want to say. Therefore, one of the main reasons why visual content is used for social networks is to simplify the information. Make it easily understandable.

Benefits of visual content for social networks

According to HubSpot, Facebook posts that contain images get 53% more likes than those without. But you should know that this does not only apply to this social network. Continuing with the data shared by Quick Sprout, it should be noted that on Twitter the impact is even greater: A tweet with an image achieves 150% more retweets than just text.

Additionally, LinkedIn photo profiles are 7 times more likely to be viewed than those without. So as you can see, everything counts.

Visual content constitutes 93% of all human communication. For this reason, we must create powerful animated content. Besides, the visual makes it easy for us when transmitting emotions. The emotional also sells more.

And it not only serves to increase conversions. But it will also help you to strengthen engagement with your users and persuade them. We recommend people who use social networks to promote or advertise to become more familiar with the subject of animations and their various applications in the medium, as it is something that has helped several companies and people to attract attention. of your market.

Types of visual content

Images– Among the different visual content for social networks, the images are the ones that lead the ranking. They are easy to get, will not cost you much and have high rates of sharing. Besides, if you name them with your keywords they will help you improve your positioning.

Video– It is the king of visual content, but it’s only drawback is that it requires more time, resources and money to produce them. According to Moz, video content is shared three times more than text-only content. They are the perfect way to transmit emotions.

Graphics– They are the best alternative to explain complex information.

Gifs– They are the star format to reinforce engagement. They are easily shared and are very attractive to users.

Memes– They are very popular. They allow you to interact with users and they love to share them themselves. Its main advantage is that they are very easy to create. But they demand to be up to date. Take advantage of recent news or events that have made an impact to create memes from them.

Webinars– We don’t just focus on YouTube webinars. Now the video is reaching new limits and streaming is the future. Take a look at the brands’ live Facebook videos. From the newsrooms of the media to cooking tutorials. You can use it for everything. Of course, it summarizes the content and provides only what is important.

Infographics– Publications containing infographics grow 12% more traffic than those without infographics. The star platform to share them is Pinterest.

Ebooks– It will help reinforce your brand image.

Tips for optimizing content

  1. Call to action inciting participation

call to action

To stand out from other messages and push user interaction, adopt strategies that encourage participation. For this, games, mysteries or questions are a good alternative. Since the user, although it may not end up interacting with your brand, will stop to answer your challenge.

And that will generate a bigger brand memory. You will get more conversions if you manage to create curiosity in your followers. Make them think and take a few seconds.

2. Encourage them to be creative


What generates the most conversions and reinforces the engagement towards a brand is to make the user participate and share opinions. In this regard, the best tactics you can use are to launch contests or promotions.

One of the brands that use the most contests on social networks is Rimmel London. The steps are usually similar: a hashtag is created and the user is asked to be creative and share their photos with your product. The most original wins.

This will not only make you gain notoriety, but you will also achieve a more credible image towards other users. To achieve it effectively, yes, you need a large community of followers. However, if you have a few followers you can also use this technique to make yourself known.

3.  Squeeze the power of the videos


Each social network has certain characteristics for the use of videos. For example, some social networks allow you to play videos with the audio activated by default. Still, others trigger autoplay. You can convey emotions that will also allow you to go viral.

4. Play with GIFs


GIFs, animated images, can give you a lot of play if you know how to use them. Visual content for social media does not always have to focus on images and videos. The use of GIFs manages to bring a touch of humor and fun.

5. Use Humor


Humor and, ultimately, positive messages are the most contagious emotions to use in digital marketing. Take advantage of this feeling and share nice information.

Once that happiness has reached your audience, they will be more receptive to your information. However, you should not force funny or funny situations. First of all, you must be realistic. And this means that what prevails to reach the user is naturalness. Be bold and experiment. Show your personality and share on social networks what defines you and expresses your humor.

Now you will only need to work on these tips. Don’t forget that each social network has its particularities. So you will not be able to publish the same visual content for social networks in all of them.

Each social network is aimed at different audiences. This makes it necessary for you to have an adequate cross-channel marketing strategy that allows you to keep the same message adapted to each communication channel.

If you are reading this then we thank you for sharing your precious time with us. Stay connected and keep reading.

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