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About design and art

Despite the fact that art corresponds to perhaps a little different objective (sometimes without profit) there are those who admit that design is, as such, an art and that it is part of our legacy as a human race.

Types of Design Education

The main types of existing design education are:

  • Animation and multimedia design
  • Interior design
  • Architectural design
  • Graphic design
  • Product design
  • Fashion design
  • Textile design
  • Editorial design
  • Advertising design
  • Digital design
  • Design of products
  • Web design

Below you will see the characteristics of each type of design and their functions:

Animation and multimedia design

Animator is a professional who is increasingly in demand in contexts that go far beyond the classic. They conquer knowledge of animation techniques as an artist who will create multiple images called frames, to which they give an illusion of movement called animation when displayed in rapid sequence.

This is related to the pieces of film demand, the settings, montages and the elements related to a production of this type.  The best BSc animation and VFX colleges in Bangalore can help in shaping your career and giving you new directions in the professional world. 

Interior design

A great specialty that transforms the places where we live or work. Every internal detail of that building, store, mall or house has the intervention of an interior or space designer.

Although it is very common in the business field, there are also people who are interested in hiring this type of service to make their homes as personalized as possible.

Architectural design

Architectural design encompasses creation of buildings from the visual point of view and is complemented by interior or space design.

Graphic design

A graphic designer will be trained to create visual pieces such as logos, magazine covers, billboards, among others. You can look for a professional Graphic Design Course in Bangalore to boost your career in the field of Graphic designing.

Product design

It is present in furniture, computers, cars and a wide variety of day to day used items. To see the work of a product designer, just go to a store like Ikea or Imaginarium.

Fashion design

What do I wear today? This is one of the top most questions, that most women struggle to find answers on a daily basis. I bet many of them would like to be designers or have exclusive designer clothes. This type of design is responsible for creating different styles of clothing and clothing accessories.

All the clothes we wear are the inventions of a fashion designer. This is not limited to textiles but also extends to shoes, accessories and more.

Editorial design

Related to graphic design, it specializes in publications such as books, magazines, encyclopedias, the development of its covers, as well as the design of its content.

Advertising design

It is a fundamental part of an advertising campaign, it is also an extension of graphic design and takes care of all the advertising material for a brand. It refers not only to the visual part but also to the physical part of the products, so the industrial design would become part of this type of design.

Digital design

A graphic designer is surely the one who will be most apt and familiar with the tools that this design requires since it includes the intervention of images and creative pieces to consolidate the visual identity of a brand.

A fundamental part of the development of any website is essential for those who want to offer a good experience to the user of a website.

Although it may be related to the programming part (web development), the web designer is the one who will elaborate on the online visual identity of a brand, an extremely necessary part of any digital marketing strategy.

Web design

The graphic designer is surely the one who will be most apt and familiar with the tools that this design requires since it includes the intervention of images and creative pieces to consolidate the visual identity of a brand.


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If you work digitally, this is undoubtedly one of the professions or skills that someone on your team must have. Well, it will be fundamental in both identity and corporate image.

But if you are one of the enthusiasts who like to learn more and get to work, be sure to read the posts about design and its various applications in the blog section of our website. We understand education is the best way to make students  understand their worth in this competitive world. These fields are wide and have vast opportunities, applicants who are interested should definitely give time reading it.

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