Graphic Designing Scope: Trends, Opportunities And Salary (2024)

In today’s world of digitization era, we all are quite well aware of how important is the role of graphic design in the overall branding and marketing process. 

It’s the graphics that play a game-changing role in making the products or services of a company worth attention. It is the main reason behind a sudden and hyper increase in the graphic designing scope nowadays. In this article, we will be getting all the valuable insights regarding the designing of visually appealing and eye-catching graphics which will also involve clearing every doubt of yours at a single place only.

So, let’s dive into understanding the entire world of graphic designing and how it affects each and everything crucial for marketing. 

Graphic Design Industry Trends

So, to understand anything related to a modern-day advancement or even a gig it’s important to understand its history and how it came into the limelight due to its efficiency of trends. Considering graphic designing many trends were observed that had significant features that make them unique and contribute towards greater efficiency of conveying messages through visual designs.

It all started with firstly simply expressing the data in a visual form using relevant pictures supporting it and the main focus was kept on proper spacing so that the graphic doesn’t seem messy.
The next trend focused on graphics with better visuals so that they could be viewed in any kind of light theme be it in the dark. 
Then, the 3D dimensions took over the trend along with a rise in demand for graphics supporting environmental factors and sustainability.
And in the present day, data visualisation is getting implemented at a large pace which involves showing complex data in a simplified visual format for the readers.

Understanding Industry’s roles and responsibilities

So, the graphic design industry involves a variety of people required for showcasing their skills. It contributes to their overall idea of showcasing the entire conversation between the product or service and the customer in an appealing visual form.

The industry has the following roles and creative solution-based responsibilities offered by them:

A graphic designer has the expertise to create some creative and aesthetic-looking posters, social media posts, and other printing stuff.
UI/UX has the expertise in offering and modifying the quality of digital products such as websites or apps.
Illustrator as the name suggests has the responsibility to illustrate any idea, project, research etc in a proper way that turns out to be interactive and eye-catching at the same time.
Motion graphic designers can provide everything related to animations and motion displays in the visual content.
Web designer offers the service of designing the websites of various brands digitally in a quirky and aesthetic way.

Why are graphic designer courses or training required?

From the above-stated points, one thing can be understood very clearly in today’s time, the graphic designing scope is just tremendous!

This also implies that it will automatically generate a lot of employment as more professionals with a variety to offer will be required to cater to the digital needs of brands so, more requirement for graphic designing courses or training is also an ultimate result of this. Enrolling with a college offering diploma in graphic design will be a great idea. 

After getting training from a good place and under an experienced trainer you can excel in this field and can earn huge benefits as it’s the need of the hour in today’s digital market.

Training for Graphic design in Bangalore will even provide you a chance to develop and maintain your initial portfolio to attract more clients and to improve your skills in the future as well. 

Hence, if you are interested in a diploma in graphic designing even for a side hustle then you should go for it by taking suitable training to acquire this hot skill.

Career options for graphic designers

After learning this skill there can be several doors that can be opened for you to scale up your graphic designing and gain monetary as well as expertise perks to the best level. 

Some of the options you can go for are:

  1. Social media designer 
  2. UX designer (User Experience Designer)
  3. Game assembling artist 
  4. Advertisement designer 
  5. Data visualisation designer 
  6. Medical illustrator
  7. UI designer (User Interface Designer)

There can be even more options that can be chosen in this field as in the end, this skill is the hottest in demand right now. 

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Graphic designer

Now, let’s understand and look at the entire work profile of a graphic designer in depth to understand the graphic designing scope with more clarity.

The main aim of a person possessing such skills is to combine both the worlds of creativity and the technical aspects in such a way that they break down the data ranging from simple to complex forms in a visually appealing format. 

The minute things like visual detailing, time management, the art of communicating through pictures, being aware of trends, etc are some factors that make a graphic designer good in this field. All this makes sure that in the career of a graphic designer the sky’s the limit as they can even achieve the big managerial post and can even earn huge amounts through freelancing as well. 

Product Designer 

A product designer is a professional who has relevant skills that deal with designing the overall visualisation of a product most attractively and interactively. Usually, the work profile of a product designer is quite vast as they design the graphics for products belonging to different sectors and segments like health, fashion, medicine, finance, science, etc.

Practically, they need to have all the skills as that of a graphic designer and one additional thing as well i.e. good communication skills to understand the needs of clients and do moderation as per them.

Logo Designer

It’s not a new thing for you or anyone to understand the important role a logo of a brand is involved in creating a unitary and unique image of a brand. 

It’s not as easy as it seems as here all the creativity has to be expressed by the designer using limited virtuals, alphabets, numerals, symbols, etc. There are some legal obligations regarding trademark policies and copyrights. 

Motion designer

Motion design is another hot graphic design that involves giving movements and any kind of motion to the virtual elements giving it a quirky twist.

They play a significant role in creating animated movies, graphics, reels, etc which are white popularly seen on any digital platform. From the smallest detail while animation to rhythm coordination etc. 

UX or User Experience Designer 

A UX (User Experience Designer) is another professional designer who deals in inducing interaction between users and digital products like apps, software, and websites. 

Digital products are curated and executed largely based on consumer preferences so that they relate more with that particular digital product that ensures success. 

Future of graphic designer

After understanding various kinds of products and professionals offering digital services it can surely be understood that the graphic designing scope isn’t something limited to any traditional or old-school style skill or employment opportunity. 

The future of graphic design can be something tremendous and unimaginable. Virtual reality and AI tools built in such a way that they could enhance intelligence by automation processes and even data visualisation could be game changers. 

Average salaries of a graphic designer

Usually, the salary of a graphic designer depends on several factors:

  • Location
  • Skills 
  • Number of years of expertise
  • Industry size 
  • Clients 

However, if we talk about the average salary then an entry-level one can expect from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4 lakh per year and a mid to senior level can easily earn something between and even more than 4.5 lakh to 10 lakh. 

In the end, remember it truly depends on your take on this skill that will decide the amount you will receive and your personalised graphic designing scope.

How Animaster can an animator help you to become a successful graphic designer?

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We hope that after going through this article you will be able to get all the desired information regarding the graphic designing scope under one umbrella.

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Ques: Is graphic designing a viable career choice in today’s competitive market?

Ans: Yes, graphic designing is a viable career choice in this digitalized world. With more and more people inclining towards online shopping, the need for best and saleable graphics are increasing. 

Ques: How do technological advancements impact the field of graphic design?

Ans: The technology is positively impacting the graphic designing field. The rise of AI in graphic designing will be offering more flexibility, ideation, creativity to the graphic designers. 

Ques: What skills are essential for a successful career in graphic designing?

Ans: The major skills include learning, Adobe photoshop, In Design, Digital UI/UX, Illustrator, design principles. 

Ques: Are there opportunities for freelance graphic designers?

Ans: There are numerous and great opportunities available for graphic designers. Many Freelancing sites are offering work to freelance graphic designers. 

Ques: What role does graphic design play in building brand identity?

Ans: The role of a graphic designer is humongous when it comes to building brand identity. Graphic designers will be useful in creating brochures, website graphics, social media content and much more.