Organ Donation Awareness Program

February 28, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Organ Donation Awareness Program

On the 28th of February 2020, Animaster College YRC Unit organized the Organ Donation Awareness Program to bring awareness to the community. The event was organized at the College Auditorium.

The program started with a welcome speech by Mr. Bikramjith, Faculty of Animaster College of Animation & Design.

He welcomed the Guests of honor and the program began.

The guest of honor of the event was:

Mr. Vejay Mehta, an Entrepreneur, Funds Raiser, Organ Donation Awareness Team Head, Ranka Jain Foundation.
Mr. Niraj, Chartered accountant, Organ Donation Awareness Team Head.

Ms. Veena Pratap, Managing Trustee, Pixel Shastra trust, Bengaluru has also graced the event with her presence.
The program continued with a speech by our dear principal Dr. Srinarahari M. H. He spoke a few words for the guest and also for the cause that we all have gathered here.


The students have understood the use of different angles and perspectives to stand out from their photography. They are also able to shoot the subject in their natural context for more powerful images.

This workshop has also made them able to study the subjects that will lead to more photo ideas. Now they are also able to separate the subject from the background as nature photos usually feature a subject such as a plant, animal or flower. This means that one needs to separate that subject from the background of the frame. One has to judge the placement of the elements in the frame and make a few adjustments. Understanding the distance between the foreground and background is important. This will help separate them in the shot.

The goal of the workshop was successfully achieved and the photographs by the students reveal this.

We thank all the students for their participation and Mr. Dayanand for arranging such a learning experience for them.

The stage was given to Mr. Vejay Mehta. He started the presentation by explaining what the aim of organ donation is, its types, and advantages and also he spoke about cases related to brain death. He says, “Organ donation is an opportunity to help others.”

He also told us how we can promote the awareness of organ donation etc. He gave a brief explanation about organ transplantation, legal & traditional issues, etc. He also stated that a single organ donor can save up to eight lives. By also donating tissues and eyes, the same donor can improve up to 50 lives.

Then the stage was given to Mr. Niraj. He also explained about Organ Donation and shared his life experience. He addressed the students not to get addicted to any drugs, drinks, or smoke.

He encouraged the students to adopt good habits and also focus on their health by doing a little bit of exercise or yoga every day for physical and mental peace.

He gave examples of situations while explaining the students to work towards social service. He also spoke of a survey in India which states that, every year 4 lakh people die waiting for a transplant while the others wait for a match. Approx. 2 lakh people wait for kidney transplant, but only 10,000 get one.

Every Organ Donation Awareness event is a powerful way for the community to do its part for a cause. The only help we can do is by promoting organ donation. It is a way for the community to honor survivors, raise awareness and help the present generation to understand what the following contributions they can make.

The students were amazed and also surprised by the need for the organs in India. There were many students who were unknown with the fact like skin can also be donated, and cornea is a tissue. They have also cleared some myths like entire eyeball will be removed during eye donation and organ donation is against religion.

This awareness program aims to motivate normal human beings to pledge to donate organs after death, and to spread awareness about the importance of organ donation. The organ donor can play a big role in saving others’ lives.

Later after the presentation, the Ranka Jain Foundation team distributed brochures to all the students which listed organ donation awareness.

Ms. Veena Pratap, Managing Trustee, Pixel Shastra Trust, Bengaluru honored the Guest with green plants and also addressed the students.

The event came to an end with a vote of thanks by YRC Programme Officer Mr. Dhanaraja. S. and with watering of the green plants.

We thank all the students who attended the event and special thanks to Mr. Dhanaraja. S for organizing such an informative events.

Conclusion: Make a difference. Sign up to become an organ donor. It is an easy way to make a lasting and worthwhile impact on the world after one is gone. Becoming a donor is a hugely positive choice and allows your legacy to live on through another.

Join the cause.
Be an organ donor.
“Wake up and donate”