A Day of Learning & Designing a Character

February 22, 2020 @ 10:00 am - February 23, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

A Day of Learning & Designing a Character

On 22nd of Feb 2020, Animaster Graphic design degree college in Bangalore conducted a workshop on Concept Art Character Design as part of a student’s skills development.
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Workshop content:

Introduction to Character concept design
Understanding the fundamentals
Composition for drawing
Using Silhouette
How to use References
Photo Bashing
Pushing Design further

What to learn/ Outcome:

Ability to learn the approaches of concept design
Understand the universe of characters
Consistent workflow for a better outcome
Practical information to apply daily
Insight of art fundamentals: shapes, value, light, and shadow
Better composition for art


The main objective of the workshop was to help the students provide the ability to learn the approaches of concept design. They need to have a keen understanding of the universe of characters. Having a steady or consistent workflow is very important for a better outcome. The purpose of the workshop also holds for insight into art fundamentals like shapes, value, light, and shadow. Thus, it will help the students know better composition for arts.

The session started with a brief explanation of getting along with design. Students were briefed about the importance of understanding the process and the elements of Concept Designing.

Session 1:

In the first session, students were taken through a stage where they were explained about the steps they need to proceed with designing.

Such as:

Doing research
Understanding anatomy
Exploring the universe of art and design
Becoming a mad scientist and experimenting it
Able to create expression sheets, model sheets and key poses.

They were also introduced briefly on the stage ‘Before Drawing’.

Brainstorm (Think inside the box)
Do Dynamic Research
Understand basic shapes
Design loosely (concept art)
Establish the mass, mood and palette (understanding colors by getting it right)
Understand composition and using perspective (Playing with the viewer’s perspective)
Think about staging
Readable shapes
Aim for balance
Knowing the rules of values
Archetypes: (Protagonist – Male or Female), (Antagonist – Male or Female), Mentor, Sidekicks, Henchmen, etc
Use References
Using Silhouette
Pushing design Further

Session 2:

The second session mainly contained the practical works, starting with Silhouette rather the sketching; this was to let the students understand the value of silhouette shapes. That continued with rough base painting which was made on top of the shapes using layers in Photoshop. The other techniques used for the workshop were photograph textures (Basic) as photo bashing so that the students will be able to understand the blending modes in order to help them to work faster in any works or assignments given to them. And lastly, taking the artwork for color-correction and compositing it to make it a final and complete work.

Workshop is a great way to learn about a particular subject or methods in order to understand or learn better. Attending workshops can help students achieve success in their academic environment by putting these skills into practice. Animaster being one of the finest animation degree colleges in Bangalore try to provide the students with all sources of educational benefits.

We thank all the students who have actively taken part in the workshop. Our special thanks to Mr. Kezhongol Viswentso for organising such a great learning experience for the students.