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We are an innovative studio offering first-rate animation, graphics, and digital advertising answers for all new media.

Animaster is renownedly known as Animaster College of Animation and Design, serving students worldwide inside the area of design education.

We are a logical and expert professional studio that allows you to deliver the best answer for all media.

We have worked with leading groups and assist them to create incredible videos of recreation art, advertisements, product presentation, film/episodic animation, interactive tutorials, academic games, architectural walkthroughs, and advertising solutions.

We expertise in creating severely cool CG/ Animation that could make an effect on your commercial enterprise and your audience. Our first and major priority is to deliver the best to the customers who walk through our doors.

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Standing real to the ideology of being a unique content creation house, we’ve forayed into the domain of unique and original content material creation.

And guess what? Our very first 3D animation IP was nominated for FICCI Frames awards 2008.

We have executed the subsequent projects:

Full-duration Animated Feature “Veer-Vansh”: A 3D action-comedy feature, of the rigors and adventures of two young princes on their quest to recover their kingdom. Interesting right? You can take a sneak peek of the first few minutes of this film via touring the portfolio web page and if you are further inquisitive about a publishing/production partnership in this animated movie, do write to us.

TV episodic co-production “Wild Thing”: A 2D animated co-production with an Australian Media Partner. Common to each is the in- house innovative content generation, which involves a unique script to screen cycle, pushing each the innovative and technological envelopes. And there are several IPs in the pipeline that are generated, tested, and described via our inner innovative wing.

Do go to our portfolio page to test out our beyond work.

Architectural Walkthrough

At Animaster we create an excellent, photo-realistic 3D rendering of your architectural plans. Whether it is a commercial property or residential, complicated or even a single-own family home, 3D walkthroughs and renders are your simplest & effective sales tool. We recognize the emotional and visual impact of a photo-practical rendering of any belongings on your clients is unparalleled. Having worked with several main names in the construction business we recognize what it takes to illustrate your architectural vision down to the smallest little detail. Whether you want to demonstrate the walkthrough on mobile, CV/DVD, published on the internet site or maybe proven on a TV in your sales office, be assured we can aid you.

Contact us for architectural walkthroughs, architectural illustrations or just plain rendered 3D still images. We can add that greater side to your advertising and show off your architectural imaginative and prescient inside the most eye-catchy way possible.

Do go to our portfolio page to test out our beyond work.

Creative graphics

Cool animations, rich graphics, and beautiful visuals are a certain shot manner to grab the eyes of your audience. We specialize in graphics and applied arts and so it is pretty smooth for us to recognize and understand visual communication. We know the way to create such visually rich CG and have worked with a numerous organization of clients for the same, including:

Ad agencies: Animated ads, illustrations, logo layout and animations, product presentations, web-designs, and special effects.

Film production: Titling, post-production (wire removal, VFX, crowd multiplication, compositing, etc)

Apparel companies: Visualizing and 2D/3D representation of the latest designs and styles.

Engineering consultants and academic institutes: interactive tutorials, educational games.

Do visit our portfolio page to get a sample of the earlier paintings done.

Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing solutions to all types of companies who want to make their presence feel online. We are responsible for developing the strategy used in marketing a company’s product online, utilizing such techniques in the field as social media, Web analytics, email marketing, and search engine optimization, among others. Using techniques as online promotions and emailing campaigns, we give our best to get your company’s message out loud, as well as perform consumer research to discover other ways of reaching customers via the Internet. We are also engaged in SEO marketing and online marketing management.

Do visit our portfolio page to see our earlier works.


Our passion for gaming is extreme, how else will you explain this motley institution of Greenpeace activists, evolutionary anthropologists, artists, musicians & computer wizards who have come together to perform some serious pieces of stuff in gaming. We believe that video games provide the nice manner of immersive, interactive & addictive storytelling. So, whether it’s miles hardcore games or on-line informal casual video games, we need to have a hand in developing them.

Outsourced Game Art Services:

We offer concept art, artwork assets, and cinematic outsourced offerings to games studios. Our strength is in developing workable game art assets. In other words, our group right here knows the way to create good looking art assets while retaining lower poly counts. Complementing this power is our commitment to first-class quality and delivery.

We are currently developing game art assets for an AAA title called ‘Gray Matter’ due for launch in 2009. Please visit our portfolio web page to take a look at our game art assets.

Online Casual Games:

We at Animaster studios trust that online casual gaming can provide us with unparalleled reach and impact for story-telling. With this belief, we’ve forayed into end-to-end development of casual games. Our first actual casual shockwave game ‘Outsider’, which is still under development, was nominated in FICCI FRAMES’08 for the best Indian online game award.


With the growth of the internet, advertising through online video games is turning into an integrated part of emblem media planning. Online games promote repeated traffic to websites, strengthen brands, assist the promotion by word of mouth and may help collect patron/customer data. So if you want to put it up for advertisement as your next massive product or support your brand with hundreds of thousands of humans via online gaming, allow us to know, we can develop just the right game for you.

Do visit our portfolio page to test out our past work in this area.