The World of VFX and Compositing

We will talk about a key piece in any production, Compositing, and VFX for special effects.

It surrounds us, it is in front of us, we look directly at it and we are not yet able to say if it’s real or not. VFX is a procedure of creating imaginary Effects using live-action footage which are captured using Cameras. It can be a mixture of real and animated images, for example shots form TRANSFORMERS, AVENGERS, etc. Compositing is the final step of the VFX pipeline. A professional compositor layers together various elements in his way to make it appear natural in the same space. Compositing and VFX for special effects account for 99% of all productions in film, television or advertising Industry.

Let’s explore the power of visual effects that change reality, deceive and create scenarios and worlds that seem perfectly real and feasible.

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Due to the difficulty associated with this profile, many operators are very capable when executing an effect but they lack that artistic vision to be able to create a magnificent final result. It is a highly valued position in the industry today and it is strange to find FX TDs that are not active.

Compositing, what is it about?

All raw materials such as recorded or photographed elements from different places (shooting sets, landscapes, 3D images, etc) must be integrated into a single image, which must seem real to the final viewer. This is where it makes all the work look and gives a punch to the final quality of the product.

Many different sources supply material to compositing, for example, matte painting backgrounds, motion graphics elements, lighting, and VFX passes, real shooting, photographs, art references, color studies. There are many elements, formats, and departments involved in serving all this material.

An operator who can solve the technical problems of effects on a plane and possess the artistic ability to compose them becomes a ‘white blackbird’ of the industry. A profile with many possibilities and that has the option to specialize later in one discipline or another. Someone with this knowledge, together or separately, becomes someone of great value for companies who are dealing with effects.