Careers in the Video Game Industry

February 5, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 4:00 pm

On the 5th of February 2020, Animaster College of Animation and Design hosted a full-day seminar on “Careers in the Video Game Industry”.

Key speaker: Mr. Ajith Ram, Expert in Game Production and Management.


Introduction to the Video Game Industry.
Career in the video game industry.

Objective: The main purpose or objective of the seminar was to shed light on the variant prospects in the gaming industry.

The event started with a speech by our dear principal Dr. Srinarahari M H. He welcomed the guest and handed over the stage to him.

Mr. Ajith Ram started by introducing himself and how after studying in various fields finally he could find out his passion for gaming. He delightfully explained how he has spent 28 years serving the gaming industry.

He proclaimed the vast prospects and the market size of the business to expand more in the coming years. Estimated to be worth $ 150 billion globally and become the largest segment within the entertainment industry; standalone, the gaming industry is growing exponentially. The Indian gaming industry is currently valued at over $300 million or approximately Rs. 2000 Crores.

Sure most of us loved playing games, but have we ever considered making them?

Mr. Ajith speaks about the evolution of graphics, the future of consoles and the latest ESports trend. He also addressed the students on the future of PC gaming, as it is the strongest platform for games.

He also speaks about the cons of the game industry. Surprisingly there are over 500 games released per day which also states that an average of 20 games per hour is going live. He explains why there is a shortage of talent that could not make their way out in the gaming industry. There are people who have studied computer science or mechanical engineering but still couldn’t match the skills required for the field because the quality of education did not really enhance the knowledge which the gaming industry demands. He explains the job possibilities in the field, stating that Bangalore itself has 70 companies hiring people for game development.

Mr. Ajith also elaborates on the students about BVA (British Videogame Academy) and how the course can help them achieve a future in the gaming industry. He speaks about the semester wise classification of the courses. In the 4th semester, the students will get to work with an in-house team that will give them real-time experience in the field.

He ends the seminar with little advice for the students saying to follow their passion and practice is what will make them perfect.

The seminar clearly explains that if one is artistic, creative and innovative, and has a passion for games, a career in the game could be the perfect career choice. Knowledge of the software used in developing or designing games is a prerequisite. In addition to this, knowing the fundamentals or basic programming and being familiar with 3D modeling software, is an added advantage.

These days computer and video game development/designing is a fast-rising entertainment field, that offers a lot both professionally and creatively. Gaming now is one of the most preferred career choices for a vast number of talented young students from diverse backgrounds.

This also indicates that the future of the gaming industry in India is bright and it is the best time to build a career in this industry!