The best 4 Animation colleges in Bangalore

Best 4 Animation colleges in Bangalore

Before starting up with the list of best animation colleges in Bangalore, we will discuss how taking up a professional course will help you get job satisfaction in the future and also increase the collective knowledge and understanding in the required field to excel. So what is a professional degree?

A professional degree is a system of education that contributes to preparing someone for working on a particular field, often, but not always meeting the academic requirements. Remember the dreams we had of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or an animator in our childhood days? When you start working for these kinds of professions, you opt for a professional degree in the same field. There are many colleges but we decided to talk about the 4 best animation colleges in Bangalore.

Animaster College of Design Degree:

Students will, therefore, have the opportunity to specialize in figures such as traditional and digital animator for large productions and TV series; 3D animator for PIXAR, Dream-works and Disney style productions; Characters Designer for creating characters for animation, video games, and the web.

The course lasts for 4 years and includes 2 weekly lessons plus an optional and free 3-hour Open day.

Ipixio Design College in Bangalore:

Ipixio design college is a unique school and one of its kind. It was built in Bangalore, but away from the tensions and stress of the city, with the aim of avoiding distractions and reducing the tiredness caused by the city routine.

The technologies used are Apple and new computers are provided each year to guarantee students the most efficient tools.

The modules have been designed to accompany students in understanding the entire workflow of a production. Once all the necessary steps have been learned, each student will specialize in his or her role. In this college the software you are studying is Maya.

Arena Animation

Arena Animation is the only Academy of 3D Animation and Special Effects in Bangalore to be included in a productive context.

The training course, supervised by professionals in the sector, makes Arena Animation students ready to be inserted in an important professional context.

BU (Bangalore University)

The IED moves to train only 3D specialists, if you intend to approach traditional animation then IED is not for you.

The objective of the course of study is to work in 3D, i.e to create and build objects, characters, and environments by giving them life and movement, and the students, at the end of their training, will have the right skills to work in films and TV series, in video game design, in film post-production and special effects.